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  1. Hi I live in Toronto ( west end) I am.looking for a reasonably.priced A Property Law Reader Cases Questions & Commentary by Bruce H. Ziff 9780779872466 Pls pm me if you are selling. Thanks
  2. I edited my post because I have a RIGHT TO. Especially when I thought I was revealing more than I was comfortable with and I thought some people may be inflammed by my personal dream ( clearly it bothered some). I have had a few careers in my looooonnnng life and I am always looking for the next adventure....often I am not quite sure where the journey would take me ( I have a plan A, B and C) But it does not matter much anymore... My entire family and every lawyer I have spoken to had advised my to choose Osgoode. I will deal with articling when that time comes. I will see you all in Osgoode Hall in the fall! Thank you for your input and support.
  3. Anyone can help with pros and cons for Ryerson compared to Osgoode?
  4. Thank you everyone for the response. I am hopeful that schools offer an option of either online or in person.
  5. I am wondering if anyone has word on if Ryerson or Osgoode will be online in the fall? I actually prefer online because of my asthma, and my decision to chose one over the other may be partially based on if they offer an online option. Thank you.
  6. Hi! Congrats to those who have been accepted! I have gotten offers elsewhere but I am curious if those who already received an offer from U of T applied under the mature category? I applied as a mature student; having been employed for the last 10 years. I believe most students in this category are assessed during the final wave? I am apt to believe that some of those who already obtained acceptances have been mature students? Am I incorrect?
  7. Hi I am selling Selling kaplan books $50 princeton review ( full course books untouched) $100 7 sage x 3 months : $120. Dec to march 3 Living in Toronto Etobioke
  8. Hello I applied for 2021 cycle. I am an older applicant. I am curious about the waitlist. Is thre real movement if in is wait listed. Or does it just crawl? Also can one ask for a deferral ( for health reasons) if one gets off the waitlist? Or does one have to accept immediately or the offer is withdrawn? Thanks.
  9. Hello Has anyone written DIGITAL LSAT at Queens Collegiate Mississauga and will like to share their experience? I have read reviews that desk and rooms are small? Any other experience in West End of GTA. ( I live in Etobicoke and prefer to have a short commute time) Thank you Nicole
  10. Interesting student0033. Some may think of medicine and law as as divergent careers. I see a common thread of a (trusting) presence when ppl feel vulnerable.
  11. Hello Folks I am wondering what everyone's Plan B is if they don't get accepted to Law School after multiple cycles? I was a Probation and Parole Officer. Then I switched to Healthcare. Now I feel feel a pull towards Law. I sort of have two previous careers to return to
  12. Hello! Anyone contemplating attacking both the LSAT and MCAT ( for med school)
  13. Hello I am considering applying to Ryerson in the fall. I have a question about the coding boot camp. Does anyone have more details about this? I am a bit apprehensive because I have no experience with coding. ( my background is in healthcare and social science) Thank you
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