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  1. Hello Has anyone written DIGITAL LSAT at Queens Collegiate Mississauga and will like to share their experience? I have read reviews that desk and rooms are small? Any other experience in West End of GTA. ( I live in Etobicoke and prefer to have a short commute time) Thank you Nicole
  2. Interesting student0033. Some may think of medicine and law as as divergent careers. I see a common thread of a (trusting) presence when ppl feel vulnerable.
  3. Hello Folks I am wondering what everyone's Plan B is if they don't get accepted to Law School after multiple cycles? I was a Probation and Parole Officer. Then I switched to Healthcare. Now I feel feel a pull towards Law. I sort of have two previous careers to return to
  4. Hello! Anyone contemplating attacking both the LSAT and MCAT ( for med school)
  5. Hello I am considering applying to Ryerson in the fall. I have a question about the coding boot camp. Does anyone have more details about this? I am a bit apprehensive because I have no experience with coding. ( my background is in healthcare and social science) Thank you
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