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  1. Hi folks, I was able to see my OLSAS GPA a few weeks ago when I logged in, but now it's just disappeared. Anyone have a similar issue? Best, MM
  2. HI guys, For those of you who were unable to secure a PSLOC without a cosigner, were you denied outright or did the banks ask you to find a cosigner?
  3. I'd recommend rewriting to make yourself competitive. Use the lawapplicants.ca chances predictor developed by Ryn to see what LSAT you need to be competitive. Best of luck!
  4. Yes. Apps are forwarded in November. Note that universities will not consider your file complete without references. Best of luck!
  5. Hi folks, I'm looking to attend uVic this year and was wondering what the co-op program is like. Specifically, I was wondering what its relative merits were to participating in OCIs, what kind of jobs students get, what they do on the job (particularly in the summer of 1L), and how satisfied they are with the program in general? Thanks in advance!
  6. The folks at uVic told me that they'll be discussing this within the coming weeks. I'd suggest emailing them in October to find out.
  7. My status recently changed from "forwarded: Admissions Officer" to "forwarded for review", any idea what this means?
  8. I'm not intimately familiar with UofT's scholarship process, but I believe their website has a bursary calculator.
  9. It's worth noting here that fewer uOttawa students apply for big law placements in Toronto, due to their proximity to the Ottawa market and potential interest in government work.
  10. I think this question would be better placed in the "General Discussion" thread. I'm a 0L so take my advice with a grain of salt. You're well above their median GPA for accepted applicants and only slightly below their median LSAT. The only real weakness I see in your application is a lack of ECs. I really wouldn't worry about your application now -- your stats are fantastic and there's very little you can do about your ECs at this point. Best of luck with your application!
  11. HI guys, I wrote my LSAT in January of 2020 and submitted my OLSAS application a few weeks back. However, my LSAT score is still not showing up on my application. Note that I have emailed OLSAS about the issue, but I was wondering if there was a simple explanation for this or if others were having the same issue. As an aside, are all LSATs requested by OLSAS at a specific time?
  12. How would one get into prosecuting regulatory offences.
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