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  1. And these "unwitting participants" or outright fraudsters are overwhelmingly foreign law student grads?
  2. Great so foreign law student grad = shitty lawyer = dishonest lawyer Hahahaha fantastic!!!
  3. "That said. Yes. It is possible to "make a career" with a Bond degree. I know many good lawyers from my graduating class that did not have a nepotistic connection" That's been my point all along. Reading this forum one would think its close to mission impossible. It might be harder but once the NCA barrier is crossed, you'll eventually become a lawyer. If success is measured by becoming a lawyer in Canada then very few Bond or foreign law grads are unsuccessful.
  4. Another firm in the GTA with a few foreign law graduates: [link removed]
  5. All the associates grew up in Georgetown (foreign law degree or not).
  6. Granted one of the partners likely got there through connections but Georgetown is not in the middle of nowhere. Isn't it close to Toronto? I am sure that they received applications from students that went to Canadian law school but still chose a significant number of foreign law grads (3 or 4 I did not count). Just goes to show that it is not impossible. Some firms don't have the same negative perception of foreign grads as portrayed here.
  7. Example of a law firm in Ontario I came across with a few foreign grads: [link removed] It is possible...:)
  8. Very good school for Maritime Law
  9. Excellent feedback. Going by past threads on here it appears that they also have a very strict marking system compared to some better known schools which may make them a less attractive option. Having said that their tuition is very low (8k) v UNB's (12k) or even Ottawa's (20k). Which jurisdiction are you in?
  10. Has anyone on here graduated from Moncton's Ecole de droit and found employment out of province? If so, could you please share your experience? Was the school's career development office of much help?
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