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  1. Just wanted to get a quick idea of how many new 1L’s plan on moving to Thunder Bay. If you plan on not moving for first sem, but are thinking about moving for 2nd sem, that distinction would be helpful to know as well. Thanks.
  2. Is the switch from provisional to firm automatic? Or do I need to go on Olsas to confirm myself? Thanks.
  3. Indeed! Still pending for Queens currently. My provisional acceptance deadline is approaching. I’ve accepted that I’ll probably be waitlisted or rejected from Queens.
  4. Waitlisted today! Cgpa: 3.5 according to OLSAS (but swear it is 3.7 on other scales). L2: 3.9. Lsat: 157
  5. Hey guys, I decided to send an email two days ago to the admissions committee and I just heard back now. The email states that it is possible to hear back at any point in the spring. The email also states that everyone should hear back within the next few weeks. I know this is pretty much the same news that we have received already. Just thought I would share this with y’all anyway.
  6. Really appreciate this info! However, perhaps I am being pessimistic, but my gut is telling me we wont hear today. I guess we will find out soon.
  7. I am super late lol. I was accepted in early April. With my acceptance I was given a $5000 entrance scholarship. I still plan to apply for some scholarships/bursaries. I hope this helps in some facet.
  8. How do you know that it is full?
  9. No, they said early-mid June and with enrollment being soon a lot of people thought today would be the day. Sadly, I have seen no movement today from both Ottawa and Queens.
  10. Well today has been highly anticipated. Lets hope we finally get some news.
  11. I got it sorted now! Just ended up working late last night. Not sure what changed. I will remember to give that a go next time though, thanks.
  12. Nope! Still under evaluation. Unless this is somehow tied to that.
  13. I have not been able to log into uoZone the past 2 days. Everytime I try it just says "Bad Request- Header Field Too Long". Anyone else having these issues?
  14. Just came across this post, would you happen to know if the current fb group size indicates how full the 2020 class is? If my memory serves me correct, I believe I read on here that Ottawa enrolls the most students, compared to other law schools, with an enrollment size of around 300 (if you account all their different programs). If this is true, the current fb group amount of 250 would indicate their is spots remaning.
  15. Would you be comfortable sharing your stats?
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