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  1. I think worth considering the likelihood that you'll get all A+'s in your extra semester. If I actually got A+'s in all the semesters I told my self I would - I'd have a 4.0. Not saying you can't do it, but be cautious of assuming that your grades will pan out perfectly. Your chances are inarguably stronger with that hypothetical GPA using this years grades that you haven't recieved - but perhaps a higher LSAT would be more worth your time. If you're able to bump yourself up by a couple points it would greatly increase your odds. Not to mention hiring an LSAT tutor (maybe $1000 plus reg) would be cheaper than taking an extra semesters worth of tuition (Easily $2500 plus living expenses).
  2. How difficult was it to find housing in Kingston (assuming you're living in Kingston for the school year) - how has the student experience been in the COVID year?
  3. When I got accepted to undergrad, there was a stipulation that I had to maintain "a similar level of academic achievement". I was wondering if the same thing applied to law school acceptances? Aside from obviously graduating, are schools ever like "you need to keep an X level GPA to be admitted in the fall?"
  4. yeet, applying to 6 schools total in and out of Ontario
  5. I'm also a current Queen's student with decent EC's. I'm worried about my lower than median GPA
  6. I'd say my extra cirriculars are strong but I'm worried my GPA will ultimately hold me back
  7. I have strong extra cirriculars but I'm worried my GPA will hold me back
  8. This is confusing to me - I know that OLSAS requires applications to be submitted by Nov 1st. But when will my referees have to send in their letters by? Is it also November 1st?
  9. I applied to ontario unviersties for undergrad, so I already had an OUAC account. However when I tried to log in, OUAC said my account was invalid and to contact for support. The phone lines have been down all day so I guess my question is: do I need to make a new OLSAS account to apply to ontario schools? Or do I need to activate my old OUAC account and persevere by waiting on these phone lines to come back to life?
  10. Title. I'm in third year and I had a really good semester except for one class. I got two A+'s, two A's, and a C+. It lowers my third year GPA from a 3.7 to a 3.54, which isn't ideal. I'm worried that admissions officers would view my transcript negatively, but I'm wondering if the consequences of that negative view would be worse than leaving a C+ on my application. For reference, I plan on applying to Queen's, Western, Osgoode, UofT, Dal, Ottawa, Calgary and Ryerson. Any replies help!
  11. I know that this varies from school to school, but has anyone heard anything about how schools will be viewing grades from this semester? I'm currently in third year and I got a particularly egregious mark (the prof cancelled the exam and changed the grading scheme to create the final grade off of pre-COVID assessments) - I'm considering changing that credit to a P on my transcript. Do you think that with otherwise strong grades/LSAT this would hurt my admission chances?
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