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  1. No official report from OLSAS yet, but based on their conversion table, yes
  2. Waiting to find out my August-flex score but if 165 is as high as my LSAT gets (which would be below the median), what are my chances with subpar/average ECs/volunteer? Nothing related to law or social justice or anything amazing like that
  3. I am a bit confused about the scaling for UBC's GPA conversion. My school uses A-, A, A+, etc. and I know that an A- would be an 80 and an A and 86. However, I don't see any mention of an A+ on the admissions FAQ. Would an A+ in a course translate to a 90, or is the highest conversion an 86? Also, for dropping the 6 lowest credits if you are applying in your fourth year, does anyone know if pass/fail courses automatically count towards these credits, or if it's only courses you received a grade in?
  4. I know Osgoode cares about ECs/volunteers and while I have a few solid ones, there's nothing spectacular on that front. Will have one strong reference letter and likely one "standard" reference.
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