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  1. Other conversations within the thread are fine (but to all who read this, if you chime in, please list your LSAT score(s)). Usually holistic will get admitted later on in the cycle. Waitlisted folks are likely holistic admits as well, although it's my understanding that U of A rarely, if ever, tells people they were accepted holistically. It's a bit of a black box.
  2. GPA: 3.7 LSAT:161 Lots of EC's. Work experience as a junior engineer. Talked about wanting to be an oil and gas lawyer in my personal statements.
  3. Thank you. Excellent analysis. It may be worth it to try to see what the highest rejected index was. This may help give us a better idea of what the minimum "safe" index was in previous years.
  4. @Ttallent What's the lowest accepted index from this wave that you've calculated? I believe it's a 246 this time 'round, just wanted to confirm you got the same number
  5. That's what I'm thinking too. Their image has suffered a lot with all the budget cuts and whatnot. Now they're trying to make themselves look more "prestigious." That's my take at least.
  6. I'd take that bet if that McDonald's weren't so sketchy
  7. Small sample size here guys, but from a high level, it's looking like only 3/10 respondents actually wrote the exam more than once. So for 70% of the applicants, index scores will remain as they are
  8. yeah im on the same boat. U of A was always my plan and it hasn't changed much since. I applied to more spots, but after getting my 161 I stayed put and didn't re-write
  9. nice job! I don't hate anyone's guts lol. Just doing a survey. Best of luck to you! Also this is my 3rd attempt. I apply every year so I definitely know how it feels
  10. If you guys are interested, I'm doing a survey of everyone's highest LSAT score and whether or not everyone has written it once or several times. This might help each of us gauge where we stand relative to this year's index.
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