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  1. I was wondering what the probability is of obtaining a 1L summer job in a province different than you attend school. I am from Alberta but currently attending Western Law. How likely is it that I could get a 1L summer job in Edmonon? Do firms usually look for students who attend UofA or do they equally consider students from all law schools. I plan on articling in Alberta. Thanks!
  2. During the webinar they hosted a few weeks ago they actually said they will be giving 1L's their schedule a weekish before school starts!
  3. Western just emailed they are doing a “mostly in person first year law experience!”
  4. I'm from Alberta and I decided to go ahead and rent an apartment in London for the year. I am hopeful that it will be a blended class structure but even if it is online I still want to be in the area to hopefully meet some people and not miss out on anything.
  5. Does Western usually do any pre September student meet ups for their incoming students to meet people prior to classes beginning or do people usually hold off until Orientation begins? Admin or student events!
  6. Do you know when the Huron parking pass is a available to purchase?
  7. Does anyone have a previous syllabus from any first year law class at Western? I would love to see what one looks like to get a general idea of what the courses are like prior to September. I understand that they could vary year to year but I would still love to see a past one.
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