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  1. Do reference letters go in Dec. 1st as well?
  2. Is there a breakdown of how the score will be calculated using just the three sections? Also is there not the experimental section? So 4 sections back to back?
  3. Hello, I am feeling extremely lost when comes to writing personal statements. I have a lower GPA because of my first year 1.77, 3.3, 3.9 4th year is yet to come (Science program) and still have yet to write the LSAT. I want to write good personal statements so explain that I had trouble first year as the program was difficult but then slowly increased my GPA. I volunteered a lot and I worked so I want to really showcase that BUT THEN I also want to potentially write specific to what the school has to offer for me. I want to do corporate law but not all the schools I'm applying to have that focus and I am not sure how to tie it all in together, I want this to be an opportunity to enhance my application as my GPA is lower and I am not too sure what I will get on the LSAT. Feeling lost, any advice?
  4. Hi, I've been trying to see how to approach writing some of my personal statements and I have noticed that a lot of people say for example for Windsor "Social Justice Related" or "geared towards Ottawa" and I was unsure of how people figured this out? Any advice?
  5. What do people on this forum consider "Strong ECs & Reference Letters" I have been seeing that a lot when people make their accepted/waitlisted/rejected posts but I am unsure what everyone here thinks would make a strong EC and reference letter. Are there any examples of either that they may suggest as strong ECs or people to get reference letters from?
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