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  1. Just as an anecdotal experience, my L2 was not competitive at time of applying but by the end of this year (I applied during fourth year) my L2 was 3.66. Queen's sent me an acceptance exactly a week after my final grades were submitted.
  2. I am in the group too and I do not have a specific answer to your question. What I do know though is nobody has been added in 2+ weeks and the number of people in the group has recently dropped from 210 to 208.
  3. It took me like 3 day to be accepted. And no you're not missing anything important, all the post so far have been people looking for roommates.
  4. Not certain but I would imagine they would have no problem taking your money now or anytime before June 1.
  5. I'm in the group and I think some of the members are also upper years? Could be wrong though There are undoubtedly still spots available and more will open as people accept different offers in the coming months/weeks. Regardless, good luck everyone!
  6. I was in a similar situation just a year ago, except my cGPA going into fourth year was even lower than yours. However, my L2, which is what Queens and Western primarily look at, ended up being around 3.7. I had to wait until Queens received my final grades from this semester for them to give me an offer, and Western deferred my decision, essentially meaning they are waiting for my final grades before making a decision, but if your third and fourth year grades are solid, you have a good shot of being accepted. As mentioned, you need to focus on your LSAT, that should be your primary focus this summer. I would target a score of at least 160, but you may have some wiggle room here depending on other factors in your application and your grades. Obviously though, the higher the score the better.
  7. Before I submitted final grades my L2 was 3.45 ish. With my final grades, it is 3.66 Thanks for the reply, just don't like waiting lol, hopefully a decision will come soon.
  8. Just a follow up to my own post. What do you think my chances are? Not really sure what to expect with the deferred decision.
  9. Was deferred back in the beginning of April. cGPA: 3.28 L2: 3.66 (already sent final transcript in) LSAT: 163
  10. I was accepted yesterday. No update on OLSAS yet
  11. Received the email this afternoon cGPA: 3.28 L2/B2: 3.66 LSAT: 163
  12. Hi guys So I applied to Western this cycle, and recently got an email stating my decision has been deferred until they receive final grades. I was not surprised by this, as I had a poor first two years and a strong L2. I have received all my final grades for this semester, and they are all 80+ besides a full year course where I got a 77 (3.3) x2. I currently attend Western as an undergraduate student, and we have the option to convert any grade to a pass/fail on May 1. If I do not convert it, my final L2 GPA will be 3.66. If do convert it, my L2 for my now last 18 credits (3rd and 4th year not including the 'pass') will be 3.69. I have a couple of questions. Assuming I do convert it, will they go back to second year to calculate my L2? If so, how do they decide which two credits to choose? (highest lowest etc) In light of all this information, do you think I should wait to convert it to a 'pass' or just submit my final transcript now? My LSAT is 163 if that is at all relevant, and my cGPA after this semester will be around 3.3. Thanks in advance.
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