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  1. Just Waitlisted on UOzone cGPA: 3.86 LSAT: 155
  2. Rejected today as well... cGPA: 3.86 LSAT: 155
  3. Waitlisted yesterday. cGPA: 3.86 L2: I don't know but probably higher LSAT: 155 I filled out Part B
  4. No problem! Crossing my fingers that you get accepted off the waitlist for your first choice.
  5. Hi there! So I'm actually in the same boat as you. I contacted OLSAS today and they told me that accepting a waitlist offer on a student portal would not affect your provisional acceptance. Hope that helps!
  6. I got my email from the President at around 11:40 am. They must be sending out the email in waves.
  7. Thank you! I found out through email but truth be told, I was not checking Uwinsite very much so UWinsite could have been updated before the email was sent.
  8. Ecstatic to be posting in this thread! Got my acceptance this afternoon. cGPA: 3.86 L2: Unsure as I am still in fourth year LSAT: 155 General Category
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