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  1. Almost everyone in the group was marked as having "seen" the post (~220 people) but only 85 responded, so in line with what @ChiasticWalrus said, there are definitely many students not reflected in the poll. Maybe the majority of people are still undecided, and/or people were reluctant to respond that they were staying home because so few others did so? I know I'm still not fully sure what I'm going to do yet given the unpredictable nature of the virus
  2. Accepting waitlist offers definitely do not affect provisional acceptances! I made a post wondering the same thing a while ago, and I also called Western's admission's office and got confirmation of this over the phone.
  3. Would that be something that should be clarified by me or my doctor or both? For me specifically I was underweight and had electrolyte imbalances which lead to me fainting a lot, and I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital getting IVs. When you’re underweight you also can’t focus, executive functioning impaired, plus a fear of food to the point where I would do anything to avoid it, and so my grades dropped from there. Are my own words enough, or should I have a doctor’s note explaining something like that as well? Thank you for the help! :)
  4. I saw a similar question in the thread, but my circumstances are different, hope that's ok: I likely have an eating disorder but don't have an official diagnosis yet because I'm currently on a waitlist for an outpatient treatment program, which is the only place I can get diagnosed. Is no diagnosis bad in terms of Part B? Would it be okay to have my doctor write a medical note instead? He referred me to outpatient, but he's not allowed to make the diagnosis since he's not a psychiatrist. Also, how does an adcom member view someone who is still in treatment? In first year before seeing any psychologists/doctors my grades were bad (several Fs), but since starting treatment years 2-4 are fine, I'm just not fully recovered yet. Would you want someone like this to get completely better first before applying?
  5. Wondering how this works? I received two offers from schools so far and provisionally accepted one, so the other was automatically declined. I just got a waitlist offer from another school that is my first choice. If I accept this waitlist offer, will I lose my provisional acceptance, just like how my other offer was automatically declined? These are all Ontario schools. Thanks for the help!
  6. Thank you! Honours Psych BA (finishing up fourth year right now) Other than standard waitressing etc jobs to pay for school I won an NSERC award and published two papers, so I have work experience in research as well. I was trying to become a grad student, law was a last minute decision
  7. Heard on Tuesday! (general) cGPA 2.83 L2 3.75 LSAT 158 My stats are horrendous so hopefully this gives you guys hope
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