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  1. Congrats!! From the past forums, it seems profile specific. But for sure know you should be able to answer “Why law?”.
  2. I am not sure about how they calculate cGPAs. I’m assuming that it’s based on what OLSAS provides. But I’m pretty sure that they check for upward trends in grades as one metric if you applied under the special circumstances categories. When did you arrive to Canada if you don’t mind me asking? I’m also a First Gen immigrant (born outside Canada).
  3. Did anyone get an email about interviews yet? This week seems oddly late to send those emails.
  4. I'm betting this week or next week (based from previous threads).
  5. Me too! I also didn’t write the January LSAT. I only have the LSAT left on my To-Do list. 🙃
  6. First, I think it's best to post this on the LSAT forum so you can have more of other people's insights. But it depends whether your test was flagged or not. When I took mine, it only took three days when they approved my writing sample last November.
  7. I just checked mine and I had my status as complete since November but all my to-do list says initiated with the 02/11/2021 date. I probably should send them an email about it!
  8. Mine doesn't. Mine still says "Complete" since the day Windsor received my application on 11/02.
  9. Oh sorry, the disappointment just got to me. My stats are 3.52/150~. discretionary applicant due to a learning disability.
  10. Well, I too, just got dinged this morning.
  11. I’m so sorry to hear that!! 😭😭 What was the status of your app prior to the rejection!
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