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  1. Yes, I am sad too. But I am still moving to Kamloops from AB in August. And I agree, it definitely will be great to meet classmates in town!
  2. Same here! I am moving to another province, even if all courses are planned to be provided online. I am renting a place in my current province, so it won't be a big difference financially speaking for me. I am moving exactly for the reasons you have mentioned above: meeting new people on and off campus, participating in study groups, attending school/city events, getting to know the city etc. Plus if classes are provided in person as of winter, it won't be great to move during the winter, as roads between AB and BC are quite snowy 😁
  3. FYI. I called Alberta Student Aid today and was advised that 2020-21 application will open in June. Exact date will be posted on their website closer to June.
  4. Got an email from Leanne at 10.49 AM MST Feel free to PM. I will be happy to answer any questions
  5. ACCEPTED this morning!!! LSAT: 150 cGPA: 3.91* *transcripts evaluated by WES. Got my degrees in Europe. Master's degree; very well written personal statement; mature candidate (graduated over 10 years ago); volunteer experience in youth justice; law enforcement and legal field; lots of EC during undergrad grad years; work experience in hospitality industry. Good luck everyone waiting!!!
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