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  1. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/14139-ba-gpa-51-ma-gpa-77-lsat-58-forget-canada/
  2. Yes, Master? I have emerged from my long period of contemplation. Dippers, you were right. FXXk these guys: https://www.wlu.ca/programs/interdisciplinary/law-degree-uk-and-ba-laurier/index.html I apologise for adopting my hardline stance without reading the thread all the way through and analysing the situation. That program is a...fraud? Pipe dream? Hallucination? And relevant to this thread. OP, I will spare you the usual reposting of my odyssey -- my Golden Thread, if you will. Realpseudonym's points are all valid as are those of whoever it was that posted about "sunk cost fallacy" (I'll remember that one for pub quiz night). Dippers is right again. Ryn is too kind: my stats were...special. Mine. All mine. In case you've never heard of me (and who hasn't), I have been to law school in both the UK and Canada (for better or for worse) and practise in BC. And I make great Swedish meatballs. You are free to PM me re: UK degrees and work in Canada.
  3. Lissen, bub. It takes a brave person to write a post like this. But you can't make a habit of it. Get help -- Hegdis et al have given you some good advice. Those people will help you as part of the legal community whether or not you are a lawyer yet -- or used to be one as the case may be. Realise that no job is worth dying over. Your parents (well, at least your mother) would miss you terribly. Yes, the profession can be brutal. My Dad's a shrink. I used to think he'd have magic bullets. Nope: all he could ever say was, "Deal with it." Several people have said that to me over the years. I haven't always. I hope you can.
  4. Thank you for your help, Diplock. I suppose what's stuck with me is the negativity and the slurs: I'm too busy gleefully tearing up marriage certificates for money to find the quotes, but I could have sworn that you' (and your cohort, which seems to be about 75% of this board) had referred to foreign degrees as "useless", "a scam", and even "bullshit degrees from schools nobody's ever heard of". Your biases shine through your honest attempts at help and leave a stronger lasting impression.
  5. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I recall something crazy happening in financial markets around 2008 and that CDN universities started to look for alternative sources of funding about the time that neo-liberal bloodsuckers like Harper and Gordon Campbell started to get elected to government. The UBC LLMCL was described to me by the Associate Dean as "self-funding" -- it's really expensive in comparison to the JD, i.e., the law school was able to increase attendance and revenue without having to go to the Senate of the university to lobby to increase funding at the expense of other faculties. I suspect that Laurier is doing the same thing. I agree: the infection of our once-proud publically-owned infrastructure by capitalist bacilli is egregious, but I think I recall something my admin law prof said about Public-Private Partnerships being the way of the future. Some of the other faculty were furious that we were "diluting" the quality of the product and were there "just to become lawyers" who didn't want to help them publish articles in journals that nobody reads but I don't recall them handing back any of their Sunshine List salaries.
  6. And if I'd really put myself to it I could have won the Tour de France. Her psychotherapy bill must be enormous.
  7. A) The last. The others are rhetorical. Like your question was. B) At least you're consistent.
  8. Here is the ad in question: https://www.wlu.ca/programs/interdisciplinary/law-degree-uk-and-ba-laurier/index.html It features nefarious, low-down statements like: " The final year at Laurier will provide you with an enriched program that will position you to successfully write the national accreditation exams leading to legal practice in Canada, or begin a rewarding career in a number of other law-related fields. " Ooh. Scary. "Study abroad and see the UK’s historic monuments, royal palaces, diverse countryside, and iconic landscapes." Sleazy. The only thing I take issue with is: "The international component of the program will help you stand out in a competitive job market." and I'd never say that, but: a) Are they guaranteeing job placements? Prospective starting salaries? The key to the executive rub 'n' tug? No. b) Is that never, ever true? Is it empirically proven that there is no employer on the face of God's Green Canada who will ever think it was interesting that a candidate went overseas? c) If you guys think that qualifies as deception, I wonder if you've ever kissed a woman wearing makeup.
  9. I sit here on a beautiful July day beneath my framed University of Leicester degree in my office at the law firm in which I have worked for the last 22 months almost ten years after posting on here about whether or not I should go there (is that enough prepositional phrases in one sentence) and wonder: where is the deviousness? Where is the deceit? Could I be a 5th year call by now? Could I be sitting in a bigger office in a swankier neighbourhood working for bigger clients? Is my c__k big enough? Is my brain small enough? Do I regret going to LEI? No.
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