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  1. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, ASK THE NCA ASK THE NCA ASK THE NCA ASK THE NCA ASK THE NCA: https://flsc.ca/national-committee-on-accreditation-nca/applying-to-the-nca/ PS: You have to understand that LLMs are traditionally RESEARCH degrees for students who are going on to do PhDs. They are also comparatively cheap. In the past few years, many Canadian law schools have recognized there are many Canadians who go overseas for law and return. They created "professional" LLMs and tripled the tuition fees, e.g., UBC LLMCL, Osgoode GPLLM, etc. These allow people with UK, US, AUS, etc. degrees to sit in CDN JD clases in lieu of taking NCA exams. The NCA exams are cheap. The "professional" LLMs are incredibly expensive - well, not as much as an Ivy League school, but still a lot of money. Anyway, a research LLM MIGHT increase your employability, but after doing the US bar exam, and the NCAs or a CDN "professional" LLM, you'd be going back down a research path. Just hit the job market at that point. And yes, you are fluent in Korean. There must be a way to turn that into a job as a lawyer in Canada. Canadian law school graduates who speak second languages well enough to actually practise law in those languages are as rare as hen's teeth. You might end up being valuable - I mean, apart from your intrinsic self worth as one of the flying spaghetti monster's creations, of course. Then again, you might end up doing, say, family law in a suburb and only end up getting Korean clients sporadically. I dunno - ask Kate Lee: https://www.deerlakelaw.ca/index.php/about-us 열심히 해 .
  2. Go to a MFin CDN law school, ya bleedin' numpty.
  3. I am not the best lawyer that ever lawyered, but in 7 semesters of law school, I missed a grand total of 2 hours of class. I viewed them as appointments with the prof. You'll have to attend meetings with clients and your boss, too. Get into the habit. And you sure can't skip court. PS: do not confuse going to lectures with being ready for exams. That is another task involving review, organization, and...I forget. Good luck.
  4. Could you be more specific? Which school? Which program? I've never heard of a one-year JD. Hell, let's make it a one-semester JD and be done with it.
  5. Failing that, go to U of T. Go to Oxford on holiday. Studying in the UK is a wonderful dream world, but you are not Benedict Cumberbatch and you'll have to return to the colonies one day.
  6. I'd be careful about posting things like that about your boss even under a fake name. It sounds like your boss is worried about losing their revenue, but he doesn't have to write the letter to the client although he can -- if that makes any sense: https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/Website/media/Shared/docs/practice/resources/Ltrs-employment.pdf See also: https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/Website/media/Shared/docs/practice/resources/WindingUp.pdf
  7. Well...the client retains the firm -- not you. And there is no obligation on the OP to give them the option to stay with him/her: he can give them the options providence listed above or omit the first one (as providence noted). So your address for service remains the same and the retainer agreement should say that the firm can assign the file to other lawyers there. Or do I have it wrong? The Vancouver registry says that the only requirement is the filing of a Notice of Address for Service.
  8. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/14139-ba-gpa-51-ma-gpa-77-lsat-58-forget-canada/
  9. Yes, Master? I have emerged from my long period of contemplation. Dippers, you were right. FXXk these guys: https://www.wlu.ca/programs/interdisciplinary/law-degree-uk-and-ba-laurier/index.html I apologise for adopting my hardline stance without reading the thread all the way through and analysing the situation. That program is a...fraud? Pipe dream? Hallucination? And relevant to this thread. OP, I will spare you the usual reposting of my odyssey -- my Golden Thread, if you will. Realpseudonym's points are all valid as are those of whoever it was that posted about "sunk cost fallacy" (I'll remember that one for pub quiz night). Dippers is right again. Ryn is too kind: my stats were...special. Mine. All mine. In case you've never heard of me (and who hasn't), I have been to law school in both the UK and Canada (for better or for worse) and practise in BC. And I make great Swedish meatballs. You are free to PM me re: UK degrees and work in Canada.
  10. Lissen, bub. It takes a brave person to write a post like this. But you can't make a habit of it. Get help -- Hegdis et al have given you some good advice. Those people will help you as part of the legal community whether or not you are a lawyer yet -- or used to be one as the case may be. Realise that no job is worth dying over. Your parents (well, at least your mother) would miss you terribly. Yes, the profession can be brutal. My Dad's a shrink. I used to think he'd have magic bullets. Nope: all he could ever say was, "Deal with it." Several people have said that to me over the years. I haven't always. I hope you can.
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