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  1. Can you expand on your annual plug for Mayeda?
  2. I'm selling the below items in Vancouver: PowerScore Bible Trilogy *BRAND NEW* - I never ended up using the Bibles, they still smell new. Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI: (PrepTests 72–81)* Official PTs 82, 83, 84, 87* * No highlighting, just some pencil marks that can be erased. $150 for EVERYTHING. 😄 Open to negotiations!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm an incoming 1L and I was wondering if it was worth it to get an iPad Pro to take notes in law school. I already have a desktop computer and a Macbook; however, I do like that you can handwrite notes on the iPad using the "Notability" app and it seems quite handy to have. Does anyone else use an iPad Pro for note-taking or is it not needed in law school? Thank you!
  4. You got accepted off the waitlist for Osgoode? I saw your post saying that you were waitlisted... Hang in there!!! I hope Ottawa or Queen's accepts you soon.
  5. Never mind... seems like you got your answer, lol.
  6. Thank you! I don't see a "Student Centre" tab yet, so I assume that my deposit hasn't been received and/or processed, but at least now I know where to look! (Sorry for hijacking the thread!)
  7. I paid the deposit via online banking yesterday. Does anyone know where to go on uoZone to check that the deposit has been received?
  8. Where does it say that the deposit due date has been changed to September 10?
  9. Shouldn't you apply to both UBC and UOttawa before even making a thread like this? It's not like you'll automatically get into both (or either) schools even if you have the grades and LSAT scores... For example, if you get into one school and not the other, you may not even have to make this decision in the first place.
  10. Thank you! And, yes, I applied with 6 years of full-time work experience under my belt.
  11. I know that this may not necessarily apply to you, but I'm a mature applicant and I didn't have the best grades in undergrad (no excuse), but they scaled heavily in my department (class averages are reflected in the transcript), and so even though my CGPA converted to the OLSAS scale is relatively low, it's still a solid B+ according to my school's scale. For reference, I have a 3.24 OLSAS CGPA, 3.4 B2, and worse L2 (3.1 or so?). This is my first time applying and I've been accepted to UOttawa, Dalhousie, Western, Windsor, and UNB so far. Waitlisted at Osgoode. You could try applying as a mature applicant if you don't get in; however, I expect that you may have a good chance at Windsor if you write a strong social justice-oriented personal statement. Don't give up!
  12. Congrats! I declined my offer yesterday, so maybe you got my spot.
  13. That is so long... But thanks for letting me know! I should clarify that I'm talking about both scholarships on uoZone that require an application and external scholarship applications (not on uoZone).
  14. Which ones did you apply for (if you don't mind me asking)?
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