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  1. If you are pending, I feel like they have already reviewed your file and will either offer you a seat or keep your file pending (for rejection/waitlist/offer) until they can see how the class is shaping up. People who applied close to the deadline or even the day of the deadline went pending in recent days and even got an offer last week. I’m under the assumption they will go through all the pending apps again as they try to fill up the open seats as they become available. That’s what it seems like but it’s just a a guess. Based on previous years there are about 3-4 weeks left until a waitlist is created.
  2. 2 days before my friend went to pending that happened to his profile. Hopefully you guys go pending soon!
  3. What norms said. It’s their calculation of your gpa based on your Last 20 courses
  4. In both formats, there is only one scored LR section. No need to rush and waste an attempt. It’s great that you are prepping so early on but use the extra time to get better at LR and take the exam when ready.
  5. Report sent about 5 days before some of the January LSAT test takers. It feels like those who are going to decision pending are those about to get offers. Correct me if I am wrong
  6. Everyone still waiting want to share what day their lsat score was recieved? Mine was received on the 10th and still only “complete and ready to review”
  7. Guys it’s still early. Plus they have been a little late this cycle. Based on last year, there will likely be a wave soon. There will likely also be a wave in Mid March and Mid to late April aswell. Waitlist will likely be made at the end of April. It seems like hell right now but theres some time left. Most of the ppl that have been accepted are those with really high stats and not all will accept as some have indicated.
  8. When did you get your letter grade and when was your file complete?
  9. When did y’all get your letter grades assigned?
  10. Ya they said they take the higher one! Thanks!
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