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  1. Congrats! Did your portal say “incomplete items outstanding” since you’re waiting on January or was your application complete?
  2. I am restudying for the LSAT and am looking for a tutor that can help me in LR and RC. I am PTing in the mid to high 150s with some PTs in the 160s. I need help to break 160 consistently. I am currently stuck between -8 to -6 in LR and I am at a -8 to -12 for RC. I do not mind paying the premium but I just need a tutor that you think can help in these two areas. Thanks in advance!
  3. Rejected September 17 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 155
  4. Received an official rejection email this morning
  5. Anyone else see something change in their portal? Mine does not say waitlist no more. Nor does it say committee decline. I am unsure as to what happened. It just says current program in one line and then Juris Doctor in another. Don’t know what that means. I have not been contacted by admissions
  6. Weird year. Just been a good idea to move on mentally so you’re not behind for the next cycle.
  7. Nothing. Still says waitlisted in portal. Have been studying for the LSAT. How many people still waitlisted?
  8. I don’t even think anyone got rejected yet. So it really means nothing unless there are less people on the waitlist for potential openings .
  9. Apparently Leanne Walker is out of the office till the 10th of August. I wonder if that has any implications on the timeline
  10. Has your guys portal always said decision made?
  11. Ya when you divulge into it like that it makes sense. I guess as first time applicants, we learn as we go about the admissions process.
  12. Soooo many people have declined since April 17, the day offers last went out according to this forum. Where have those spots gone??? Did they over offer spots?? Makes no sense. It’s not a handful of people who have declined, its in the double digits. Makes absolutely no sense.
  13. What are y’all thinking? Class is full and no movement at all? It would be very uncharacteristic for there to be no movement at all. I am also opening up my LSAT books. The chances seem slim but no movement would just be weird
  14. Rejected at 1:38PST L2:3.5 LSAT:155 Decent ECs. NO SK connection.
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