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  1. Hello all, I was just wondering if I should submit my transcript to OLSAS as a current student in their final year of undergrad or to wait until after this semester is over to request submission for my transcripts to OLSAS?
  2. Would applying access be okay for the reason of losing family members or no?
  3. When is the latest you could get your references in?
  4. So would you recommend not cancelling it at all, since it does not count towards yearly amounts?
  5. Hello, I was just wondering if cancelling an LSAT score would be viewed in a negative light by law schools that you apply to? Or would they not care as much since there is no score for them to look at? Thanks in advance.
  6. Do you think the registration for the August LSAT will open up soon though?
  7. Is this confirmed?? It definitely makes sense to take the most recent 45 credits now
  8. If they only look at the last 2 years and do not go back an extra semester, then wouldn't that mean they would be looking at your last 45 credits? So I think they might just go back an extra sem
  9. Does that mean they will go back an extra semester for calculating L2?
  10. Hello all, I know that the date has been released for the LSAT in August, but I am not sure when the registration for it will open? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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