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  1. J’ai reçu une offre pour le cheminement régulier avec une cote R de 31.8
  2. You can choose to fill out a declaration of personal experience, but if your grades are high enough the admissions officers will accept you without reading it.
  3. It wouldn’t hurt to fill out the declaration of personal experience on uOzone as well, it’s not mandatory but the liaison office suggested that I complete it since my grades are kind of borderline.
  4. I applied on January 1st, I have until April 1st to accept, and I dion’t think I’ll have to do a French test since I’m from a French Cegep. Hope this helps!
  5. I received my offer of admission today, turns out I really was just overthinking!
  6. I am a CEGEP student applying to Civil Law with Co-Op for Fall 2021. My average after three semesters is only slightly above the minimum required (80.46%) so I am worried that I might not be accepted to the program because of it. Is it actually possible for me to be rejected or am I simply overthinking?
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