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  1. Does anyone know if its worth uploading the grades I’ve received from this semester (my last), considering it boosts my cGPA? Although, I have not received all of them yet.
  2. Does anyone know if we can submit our Winter grades? Considering it would boost my cGPA.
  3. A big part of the delay for those of us with lower stats (below 3.7-3.6), is the need for the board to have 3 separate members of the committee review each of these applicants. That is, someone with a 3.8-3.9+ may only require one members read-through to get accepted, whereas those with sub-3.7 cGPA will require 3 members' approvals.
  4. Did they contact you beforehand to establish a time for the phone interview? Or, did they randomly call you?
  5. I'm in the same boat! Waiting on UdeM or McGill, but only have until April 1 to accept uOttawa.
  6. Félicitations, pouvez vous partager vos stats
  7. Hi everyone! I was recently accepted to uOttawa, and was wondering what a typical classroom setting would look like and how it would be structured. How long are classes? What is the format of exams and other assignments (eg.: M/C, essays, etc)? I am coming from a PoliSci background and so I am used to long essay format assignments and exams, which can run anywhere from 500 words to 15-20 pages. Any additional insight, be it from uOttawa or any other civil law school, would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I appreciate that! I'm graduating this semester from Concordia and I currently have a 3.45. Not sure what to do if I don't get accepted
  9. I was just wondering if you could maybe share your stats and program? Thank you!
  10. From UdeM Bonjour, Je vous remercie pour votre courriel. Vous avez jusqu’au 3 mai 2021 pour téléverser une attestation de français.
  11. I was just wondering where you figured out that a 3.5 is a 78%? I’ve also been wondering if my 3.45 is enough for civil at Ottawa. Thank you
  12. Greetings all! I’ll get straight to the point. I have applied to McGill and will be applying to most civil schools in the coming week or so (UDM, uOttawa, Sherbrooke, Laval, and maybe UQAM). I am in Political Science at Concordia and my cGPA is rather low, at 3.45. However, I don’t think think my GPA is reflective of my candidacy. In terms of semester GPAs, I had a, 2.8, 3.18, 3.54, 3.92 and this semester a 3.82. This winter semester is my last and I plan to graduate with a 3.5 cGPA, or better (which is a term GPA of 3.75+). Given my slim chances of admission, what would be the best way to eliminate that first year of GPAs (the 2.8 and 3.18)? Would it be best for me to start a new major, only finish the first semester and apply again (if I don’t get accept this session), or should I attach a minor of 24 credits to my major? Or are there any other options? Essentially, I want to “eliminate” the significance of my first year. How might I go about doing so? Thanks for the help guys!
  13. Also, perhaps I am in the wrong thread, however, do universities (civil and/or common) still take into account upward grade trends? My term GPAs have been 2.8-3.18-3.52-3.92 for a cGPA of 3.36.
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