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  1. Greetings all! I’ll get straight to the point. I have applied to McGill and will be applying to most civil schools in the coming week or so (UDM, uOttawa, Sherbrooke, Laval, and maybe UQAM). I am in Political Science at Concordia and my cGPA is rather low, at 3.45. However, I don’t think think my GPA is reflective of my candidacy. In terms of semester GPAs, I had a, 2.8, 3.18, 3.54, 3.92 and this semester a 3.82. This winter semester is my last and I plan to graduate with a 3.5 cGPA, or better (which is a term GPA of 3.75+). Given my slim chances of admission, what would be the best way to eliminate that first year of GPAs (the 2.8 and 3.18)? Would it be best for me to start a new major, only finish the first semester and apply again (if I don’t get accept this session), or should I attach a minor of 24 credits to my major? Or are there any other options? Essentially, I want to “eliminate” the significance of my first year. How might I go about doing so? Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Also, perhaps I am in the wrong thread, however, do universities (civil and/or common) still take into account upward grade trends? My term GPAs have been 2.8-3.18-3.52-3.92 for a cGPA of 3.36.
  3. How would one calculate their raw average, utilizing their GPA?
  4. I feel attacked. I have been monitoring these threads for the past few years now, and I can almost say with certainty that anecdotally, at least within civil law schools, this is very much the case. It has to do with indice de force, and other parameters that may equate to a different grading scheme created and solely used by a specific university, similar to Université Laval’s Cote Laval.
  5. In applying to law school in general, suffice it to say that a degree in sociology does not necessarily equate in difficulty to that of a degree in finance or whatever. Schools such as McGill are indeed more reputable than UQAM or ConU
  6. What school/program are you in? Depending on the program and school, a 3.00 may suffice.
  7. LSATs are only of worth for McGill and schools outside of Quebec. Otherwise, I would not know the impact of an LSAT in January.
  8. Also, would anyone know if civil law schools such as UdM, Laval, and Sherb care about upward trends. Ended my first semester with a term gpa of 2.8, but has been going up since, (most recent term gpa of 3.92). Nevertheless, stuck with a CGPA of 3.4.
  9. For #2, as in, can I submit an updated CGPA to my application.
  10. Also, if anyone can answer, I was wondering if college/cegep professors are good enough for LORs? Specifically, as a university applicant. Don’t have many professors from uni that I can go to.
  11. Also, 4- Do I have to submit my TFI scores before getting accepted? Or can I get accepted, with pending TFI results?
  12. Good evening to all! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I’d like to start a thread for new applicants, guiding them towards the admission process. In fact, I am going to be a first time applicant and have a few questions for past applicants, if you guys would be so kind as to help us newbies out. 1- Is it better to apply early, or wait for new grades to come out (if we know we’d get a better cGPA by January)? 2- Do universities allow for updated applicant GPA scores? 3- When is the earliest that applicants are accepted? Thank you all in advance! For new applicants, feel free to add to the discussion with your own questions and comments!
  13. Good afternoon and congratulations to you all. I was wondering if anyone knew if the LORs must be from professors or EC supervisors/bosses? Does McGill require 2 LORs? If so, can they both be from ECs? I plan on applying for the following year!
  14. Frankly, I've been monitoring these and other civil law school threads frantically, as I am applying this upcoming admission season. Currently at ConU with a 3.4 in PoliSci. Not looking the best for me, unfortunately. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing your stats guys!
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