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  1. I couldn't see it in the first place. I didn't think you were supposed to be able to until December.
  2. What's your L2? Most schools don't care about your B2 (except Queens and maybe Ryerson).
  3. Yes, yes engineers are big and strong and far smarter than everyone else. Please forgive those who doubt the might of the engineer, we've learned our lesson and will promptly return to weeping while looking at pictures of iron rings.
  4. I'd normally agree with you, but I feel Windsor is a bit of a special case. Given that they go out of their way to request a non-academic letter I can't see it being simply a formality, especially given their holistic process.
  5. Thanks for linking this! I submited on the first of October. Not too sure what my GPA is with drops but if I had to guess I'd say 3.7 or 3.8. LSAT was 164. Not too sure what my index would be. Guessing around 910 - 920?
  6. UVic doesn't have this particular status listed in the "what does this status mean" drop down menu. Is anyone here familiar with this? Does it mean literally what it say?
  7. Speaking for myself, I highlighted my military service and connection to the forces in all my applications. But I feel it is important to frame and explain how it applies to you and your application.
  8. Don't worry, I'm in the same boat and called the school yesterday, they say it isn't unusual for it to take this long.
  9. A diversity of thought and experience can provide new lens and perspectives from which the class can examine a topic or subject. As for what you should include, no one can tell you that because no one knows your experience or history! Include what you think sets you apart or what you think would bring value to your class.
  10. When you apply through OUAC you input your references contact information. Each reference will receive an email that contains a form. They fill out this form and it is submitted directly to OUAC. You don't need to repeated the process, the references will be available to all Ontario schools that you apply to.
  11. Technically Queens is B2, but yeah, from what I've seen they are pretty numbered focused. They only had a single prompt for PS and it was the normal, generic one.
  12. Work experience is nothing special, but the LSAT might be enough to get you in somewhere if you apply broadly. If your L2 is higher that also gives you more options.
  13. I would venture that some might be more hesitant to apply. Most undergrads who were already planning on applying will probably still do so, but some might be concerned about schools moving online and other uncertainty. Those like me who are already employed and looking to move to law school might also be cautious. Suddenly the employment market looks a bit more uncertian and leaving my job more dangerous. The supposed uptick is supposed to come from those who've lost jobs, but I don't know if such people are going to be eager to drop thousands on application fees. Of course this all just conjecture but I feel like it could very well go either way.
  14. Ryerson, Windsor and TRU would be my suggestions.
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