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  1. Got the call a few minutes ago. CGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 164 Relevant ECs include various volunteer positions in a rural town and military experience involving outreach to veterans in rural communities.
  2. So to confirm, if you have a single offer on April 1st your choices are either to accept that offer and not receive any other potential offers from other schools. Or to decline that offer and hope another accepntacne comes through? Meaning that April 1st is the day you must decide on a school?
  3. I was also looking closely at UNB after getting an acceptance a few month back. The lower cost is a huge factor as is the number of scholarships. But I ended up deciding against it simply because I intend to work in Ontario and I feel the distance would have a negative impact. Current students also highlighted a lack of diversity within the school and community and having grown up in such an environment I'd rather not return to one.
  4. Queens won't take summer courses. Everyone else will. As for which credits they take, it varies a bit by school but your L2 is roughly your last 4 consecutive semesters. But again, it varies. Also consider applying to UNB, they'll remove 25% of your worst marks if you've graduated. They will also give you bonus points if you are from the Maritimes.
  5. A 3.8 and a 160 would be very respectable. As for ECs I can't think of too many options for you. Just try and represent yourself well in the interviews and have a solid PS. That should give you a good shot at Ryerson. And if those last credits bring your GPA or L2 up enough you may even try applying more broadly (I don't know if you're set on a certian area or not).
  6. They don't average them. They take your highest.
  7. Wow that's awesome! Cool that you got to work with Spivey and his team as well, seems like a cool guy.
  8. I'm not starting school until September but the sentiment of this rings true to me. I'm very excited to be out of the corporate workplace for a few years. I know law school won't be a breeze but after spending a few years in finance school is a welcome change.
  9. I think the LSAT might be your downfall. The trouble with B20 is it's generally higher among all applicants. So your 3.8, which is awesome, isn't as much of a differentiator as it would be at another school. There's really no way to dance around it though, a 143 is not the kind of score that gets into law school. I've looked back at years and years of acceptances and haven't seen anyone get in to law school with that score. Just rewrite and try again next year. You should be able to raise that score at least 10 or 12 points quite easily and then have a good shot at Ryerson.
  10. Assuming decent ECs and an okish interview I'd say you're likely to get in.
  11. Ryerson takes your best 20 credits. Do you know what that would be?
  12. Still pretty early in the cycle, I'm sure there are others with similar stats that haven't been accepted yet. Your file is going to take some time to evaluate, having already gone to law school complicates things. Honestly it's spurious to claim discrimination because your stats, which are good but not amazing, haven't gotten you an acceptance in fucking January. I know you're anxious, we're all anxious, just try and relax and remember there's still plenty of time left in the cycle.
  13. We didn't run out of vaccines. There are still vaccines yet to be distributed. What you probably meant to say was that the inbound order of vaccines from one of two accepted suppliers will be less than expected over the next three weeks with one week in particular having no incoming vaccines.
  14. Fantastic content, thank everyone for answering my questions. Hearing first hand accounts of practice are a tremendous help to me and really illuminate what life is like as a practicing family lawyer.
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