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  1. I think @CleanHands argument, which I agree with, is that incoming students can't really gauge where they fall in the class ranking. Of course everyone aims to be at the top of the class, but for nearly all this will be impossible. Your assertion is, as per your previous comment, that only the applicant knows what they are capable of. I'll add my voice to others in saying that how could one know if they would do well or not? Nearly half the class will be below average and I'd guess many if not all of them believed they would do much better. This isn't a topic on which I'm comfortable doling out a "do your best and it'll be OK" platitude. The level of debt, which you acknowledge as significant, is significant enough that the warnings in this thread are justified.
  2. I can't imagine it being that easy. I imagine a fair number of students would be eager to slash their tuition by transferring.
  3. Some Lakehead graduates work in Toronto. Obviously you'll be at a disadvantage but good marks and networking can help bridge that gap a bit. You can ask some Lakehead grads on LinkedIn and I'm sure they'll provide more in depth answers.
  4. I went through this as well when writing my PS. I was trying to describe some racial slurs used against me in order to better illustrate barriers I faced. I spent a fair amount of time delberitating, trying to decide if I should spell out the most egrigous of the slurs. I ended up not mentoring the exact words as I felt it was simply too much. Explaining the general situation was sufficient and I didn't feel that I needed to "flaunt" the type of things people felt comfortable calling me. I can't say for sure if that was the right choice, but it felt right to me and it got me into my desired school so I'll call it a good decision.
  5. If 50k were on the high end I'd be scared. Heck if it was the average I'd be worried.
  6. There's no harm in it, but I doubt it'll expedite things. Still, may as well try.
  7. Google says a lotta things. Those are salaries for senior lawyers in certain firms or positions. The average environmental lawyer is not walking into the ministry and asking for even 100k starting.
  8. I'd get into a school before I worried about picking one. This conversation is irrelevant until that point.
  9. I don't think it is indicative either way. Some schools just take more proactive approaches to the process. I know a few people who have been asked to submit documentation and it didn't lead to an offer for them. Having said that I suppose a true optimist would say that since they are asking for this information they likely don't intend to reject you out of hand. Perhaps that is a good sign?
  10. I'm no expert but from what I've seen Lake head is far and away the best choice for this type of law. Their welcome day, introductory material and what I've gleaned from speaking to students and profs all demonstrate a very real focus on the indigenous portion of the mandate.
  11. TRU isn't the death knell of your Ontario dreams. Though I believe you are correct in saying it may be a slight disadvantage. I find that looking up alum on LinkedIn is helpful and I'm sure you can find some who work in Toronto. Such people tend to be very willing to talk about their career.
  12. I feel Ryerson is going to join the likes of Windsor and Lakehead in being very difficult to predict.
  13. I'm embarrassed to be attending the same school as you.
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