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  1. Now that Federal Portion of your student loan will be 0 until January 2023 how does this impact your financial decisions. Would you pay your Ontario portion of loans quicker or your student line of credit? Curious on your view point
  2. TRU 148 LSAT Score and 1 below that. I do not know what category however do know that 140s has been accepted. Obviously the chances are extremely slim however I just wanted to point out a fact.
  3. I have friends who got in with exactly 148 (some even lower). Never give up or be discouraged!
  4. Mind boggling... One can only hope they give us an adequate amount of advance notice it is online to avoid any unnecessary travel across the country during a global pandemic and securing living accommodations for no reason.
  5. @FortifiedEight or anyone else: Is this a safe assumption to make? If MAY PLTC is online the location (i.e. Vancouver/Kamloops/Victoria) will not be relevant at all because you can access the course anywhere in the world and the exam will be online.
  6. What is the likelihood PLTC will remain online for the May session? As well as what is the likelihood of getting your preferred location i.e. Vancouver?
  7. Did anyone else write the exam today? How did it go? Curious is it the same one that everyone else wrote this week / Saturday? Feeling nervous any feedback would be great
  8. To clarify this does not go into effect until October 2021. Also it does not guarantee salary during 3 months of PLTC. To circumvent this a lot of firms may end up using the following strategy. For example you could work at Firm X. May - September 30 you are unpaid October - December PLTC (where they won't pay you and wont pay for the PLTC course) January - April Paid @ Minimum Wage $14.60 (however you use this money to pay for the PLTC course itself) Basically it is still unpaid if you think about it. I have also heard firms will no longer be hiring articling students if they have to pay them minimum wage which will mean even a harder time finding articles especially during covid. As you can see it won't drastically impact folks graduating in April 2021 but more so the folks graduating April 2022.
  9. Can someone explain what happens after you finish your last semester of law school (i.e. April 2021)? Can you still access the funds (for how long) or does it freeze? and for 2 years from graduation I just pay the interest? Can someone explain this?
  10. From what I keep hearing. It is best practice to decline the offer you receive today and focus entirely on your interview next week.
  11. Updates on Myers & Co / Lindsay Kenney / MBM IP?
  12. Which one? Has it already been listed in this forum?
  13. Anyone know why TRU has picked the second non-law school affiliated interim dean? This individual is not a lawyer, no history of legal teaching or legal research. Is the provost hand picking the interim deans who are just obedient? Why is this happening? Seems like clocktower is trying to control the law faculty. Whose next a butcher from the culinary school? Dear Colleagues, Weyt-kp I am pleased to announce that Chris Adam will be assuming the position of Interim Dean for the Faculty of Law for three months starting July 1. We are grateful for her support of TRU and the Faculty of Law during this transition period, and look forward to finalizing our search for a new dean. Chris has held the role of Dean of Students, Faculty of Student Development since joining TRU in 2010. She has led a wide range of academic and student services, including Career and Experiential Learning, Counselling Services and Accessibility Services, and initiatives such as the Sexualized Violence Policy Consultation and the President’s Task Force on Mental Health. Chris completed her BA in English Literature at the University of Ottawa, followed by a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CTESL) and a Master of Arts in Applied Language Studies at Carleton University. She is passionate about supporting university students in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals. Sara Wolfe will continue her role as Acting Dean of Students, Faculty of Student Development until Sept. 30, a role she began in January to replace Chris during her six-month administrative leave. I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Dennis Acreman for his dedication and leadership in the Faculty of Law for the past six months, and wish him all of the very best as he begins his much-deserved administrative leave. Please join me in wishing Chris success as she takes on the leadership and support of the students, faculty and staff of TRU Law. Warm wishes, Christine Bovis-Cnossen Provost and Vice-President Academic and Research
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