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  1. Rejected lsat:164 gpa:3.68/4
  2. Accepted today cGPA: 3.68 / 4 L2: not sure LSAT: 164 Goodluck everyone
  3. Accepted yesterday cGPA: 3.68 / 4 L2: not sure LSAT: 164
  4. In queue today LSAT: 164 CGPA(OLSAS):3.68
  5. Got the call, cGPA: 3.7/4 LSAT 164
  6. Thanks, but one of the reasons I apply to law school is I get A+ in my business law courses in university, I am the highest score in the class. The exam is a case analysis. Then I start to get interested in law, so I talk to my professor. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law school. He thinks I can benefit from a law degree. Then I searched a lot to decide to take LSAT and get my JD degree. I know my language is a problem, that's why I am aiming for a different career path. I am working on my home country bar exam now which is not an English speaking country. The foreign-related lawyer position which I am interested in is required to pass at least two countries' bar exams. So I chose Canada as the second one, and hope to be deal with cross-border between Canada and my home country. I passed some financial certificate, so maybe I want to go to the investor bank someday. But right now I am pretty sure I want to get my JD degree. Please do not give me suggestions about other aspects cause you do not know me, you only interpret from my response to the form, as globalization, there are increasing markets and industries we do not know about. JD degree is not only to a lawyer. There are whole worlds out there, Canada not only have business with English-speaking country. Many Asian countries start to play an important role in international business. Please do not reply to this topic anymore. I already get my answer. Other non-related is not important to me. I will not respond to anything on this topic from now. I have another school to take care of. Thanks again for all the help.
  7. Thank you. I am also think about I should apply to other non-Ontario schools. Maybe it is time to move.
  8. Probably, I hope I could found out more after talk with some admission office. Thank you. Thanks for reminding me. I submit and e-mail everything by myself. It is more like an edited people to correct some grammar issues and adjust my tone of the letter, just edited everything I send to school. I think this is allowed just to have some people help you with your documents and correspondence. They do not have a password or username of my OLSAS. I still do everything just some other people would polish my work to make sure I have a better ps, resume, and communication with the school. I think it is legal and some students do purchase this kind of admission package to get some help.
  9. Thanks for all that. I am starting to work on my language problem and call queens around August to hopefully found out more problems. I think everything is fine now.
  10. Thanks, I will deal with my language problem.
  11. Thank you. But I have an application agent to deal with all my ps, resumes and communication with schools. I do not think they reject me because my writing causes all my submitted documents and e-mail correspondence have been edited by agents. Unless they reject me just because my writing sample that is written in pencil version which is also my lowest LSAT score, already explained not feeling well on the test date. I do not think they have any clue to presume I am lack of writing skill or language problem, that's why I do not think language is my problem or writing.
  12. Thanks for that, but I think language is not a problem or otherwise, they would require me to submit a language test result. Also, I finished my high school in Britain, achieved A, A, and B in the a-level certificate. Graduate with summa cum laude in York university. I have been studying at English-speaking country for over six years and maintain to be the top 20% of students. I think my academic background is not a problem. It's likely to be other parts.
  13. Thank you. That is a very helpful idea. I just checked the contact numbers on their JD admissions office website. Which number would you suggest me to call? Courier & Mailing or a direct call to Recruitment and Admissions Manager.
  14. I still want to do something. Should I just e-mail them or is there a standard procedure to do this appeal?
  15. Is it possible to require an appeal of the admission decision? My highest LSAT is 164, My CGPA is 3.68. The best 2 year is around 3.8 I just checked. But I received a rejection today. Both my stats are higher than the average posted on class profile this year. Although I am an international student, I got my honor bachelor degree from York University in Toronto.
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