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  1. WOW! I got a call 2 days ago congratulating me on my acceptance for 2021 as well and I thought it was a mistake! My uzone was just updated! Congratulations to you!
  2. I applied a few days after you and was also concerned. However, I emailed them and they said I should receive my status tracker soon. So I guess it's normal!
  3. I applied to all ON schools except Lakehead and Windsor!
  4. I also received an acknowledgement email from Ottawa today. I was worried as it states that my application is missing my LORs and Biographical verifiers. I'm glad i'm not the only one!
  5. My July and Aug scores just showed up on OLSAS today.
  6. My electronic transcript took about 2 days and i'm still waiting for my paper copy to show up.
  7. Yes you're correct. I was confused about this as well. As along as you have requested it by the deadline of Nov 1st, it is considered on time. It is answered on their FAQ https://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/submit-transcript-on-the-deadline/
  8. Hey all! I was looking at Osgoode's requirements for Indigenous applicants and it states that, " All applicants applying under the Indigenous category must provide documentation corroborating their identification with and connection to an Indigenous community. This can include a demonstration of service, involvement or leadership within the community, on Indigenous issues, or within Indigenous circles." Would sending a copy of my my status card under SAM suffice? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone took the May LSAT-Flex? It was recently announced that the June and July LSAT will be transitioning to the LSAT-Flex format as the in-person test is cancelled. If anyone is willing to share their experience and/or feedback it will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Wow that's amazing! Any tips for LSAT studying?
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