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  1. They have been used but they're in great condition. I know this whole process can be extremely expensive so I want someone who is deserving and willing to put in work to have them free of charge. I just ask that you pass them on to another deserving student for free when you are done with them. PM me if interested!
  2. Thank you! This gives me hope my diagnostic was a 140
  3. oh wow, thank you for the detailed response I really appreciate this!!
  4. Thank you!! haha yeah... I shouldev been more clear, I still appreciate the advice @navyblue11
  5. Hi everyone! Im going to applying to law school next year and I wanted to know what schools in Ontario cater to and offer courses in Aboriginal law as this is what Im the most interested in. I've done some research and I found Osgoode, UOttawa, and Windsor to have many courses pertaining to Aboriginal law and Indigenous studies, can anyone confirm this or give me more insight...?
  6. Thank you everyone!! This gives me hope for my horrible diagnostic of 140
  7. I registered for the Harvard Ready LSAT prep course and I wanted to hear from those of you who have taken this prep course in the past about what your experience was like with them!
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