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  1. Apologies for the beginner questions, but I don't really know anyone who is familiar with this process. I recently finalized my acceptance to Queen's, and as this is the first time I'm applying for anything big at a bank, I just want to make sure I do it right. Is it best to contact a rep via email to keep tabs on everything, or would phoning just come across better? I would go to a branch, but with COVID, I'd rather not if there's no downside to doing this all via email/telephone. Are there are any documents that would be helpful to have ready when speaking with a bank rep, or will the rep just request whatever they deem necessary during the process? Are there just some banks I should contact first? I do know that Queen's already has contacts at RBC and Scotiabank. Any other general tips for negotiating would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you all for the input.
  2. Thanks for chiming in, @Twenty. It's reassuring to hear that someone else had the exact same train of thought that I did. I also see the option to stay home as a unique opportunity instead of as an outright negative. I appreciate the insight regarding studying as well. I'm glad to hear that a good deal of success boils down to independent study and that most other "techniques for success" are still possible through online means. I've always sort of favoured that method myself, so I'm definetely feeling much better about staying home. All the best to you in the upcoming year.
  3. My original thoughts were that I would be staying at home and doing the online learning instead of moving to Kingston. I tend to err on the side of caution and I'm just not sure if I want to risk in person classes yet. Many of those close to me are higher risk, so that probably played a large part in my initial decision. This is really interesting and it makes me wonder if my original decision is really the right one to make. If I moved to Kingston, I would theoretically be away from my higher risk family (barring visits, which might not even be a good idea). Me staying at home would carry the benefits of saving a year of rent money (a big plus, imo) and potentially being safer in terms of the virus. I should note that even I'm not yet a member of this Facebook group, so there may be a larger population of students who plan to stay home that aren't reflected in this survey. I do wonder if I would miss out on part of the experience though, but if it's only going to be a "partial" experience to begin with, I'm not sure if I can justify the extra rent costs (on top of tuition) along with the potentially extra virus risk. I just hope I wouldn't be disadvantaged in any way compared to the rest of the class. I really do hope that Queen's will be able to maintain an even footing for those who stay at home and those who can make it in person. I know Queen's intends to offer full online learning, but maybe someone with more experience/ or who is already enrolled at Queen's can weigh in on the potential pros/cons of the in person experience vs. the hypothetical online experience that we're all being faced with right now.
  4. My status was also still at provisional for a good while after the July 2nd 11:59 pm deadline, but I just checked on OLSAS and as of 11:04 am on July 3rd it now reads "firmly accepted," with all other choices now marked "no further consideration."
  5. I'm in the same boat! Provisionally accepted Queens, but Osgoode is my first choice. But hey, if neither of us get off the waitlist for Osgoode, I guess I'll see you at Queens! Best of luck to both of us 🙂
  6. I can now log into the site as of today, so everything worked out on that end, thanks!
  7. This would indeed be the best case scenario for us, lol. I can view the OASIS login page now, but for some reason it is absolutely not accepting my username and password. I keep getting an error message, even after multiple attempts. If this continues I may have to contact Osgoode, but i'll probably wait it out for a bit.
  8. Hi all, I reviewed some threads on this forum looking for info about applying for PSLOCs and application timelines, but I'd just like some further clarification. I am a 0L who has provisionally accepted an offer to Queens. I am currently waitlisted at both Western and Osgoode, with Osgoode as my first choice. A poster on a past thread mentioned that most students usually apply for PSLOCs either when they know which school they will be attending, or in June. I assume this means that it would be best for me to start contacting bank reps now, but I'd like to know how things would change if I get off the waitlist for either Western or Osgoode and ultimately choose one of those over Queens. If anyone could provide any insight regarding this, or has any other general tips regarding the process, that would be great as well. I don't have any connections to any lawyers or law students in real life, so any financial tips, no matter how basic, are appreciated.
  9. I also cancelled my offer back in May, so that's another spot for someone else!
  10. I feel your pain. The OLSAS conversion took my cGPA from a 3.8 to a 3.75. If you're applying to Ontario law schools, check out Ryn's (a site moderator and former Osgoode adcom member) admission predictor website. It also offers other good Ontario-focused application advice. https://www.lawapplicants.ca/predictor Like I said earlier, my Access Claim was of a different nature than yours, so while the effects of our experiences were remarkably similar, the causes don't seem to be exactly the same. While you can definitely just mention the fact that you worked long hours, I imagine that it will go a lot further if you submit the documentation to back it up. I would say that you should submit whatever you have, with a preference for the "most official" things you have available. If you can get more official documents than a letter from a supervisor, I'd say get them. Don't give the admission committees any reason to doubt the validity of your Access Claim. It might be a bit of a headache, but if you (or any student, for that matter) were genuinely affected by something beyond your control during undergrad, the extra consideration that adcoms give your file will be well worth it.
  11. Your post sounds almost eerily similar to my own experience. I applied to four schools this cycle (Osgoode, Ryerson, Western, and Queens), and was accepted at both Ryerson and Queens, and was waitlisted at Osgoode and Western. I've provisionally accepted Queens, and while I'm completely happy with going there, I'm still curious to see how things will work out with Osgoode and Western. My stats are 3.75 OLSAS GPA, 3.82 L2 and 153 (Nov), 160 (Jan) LSAT. These grades are on a 4.0 scale. I tell you from experience that it is indeed very possible to get into a law school without having taken a full courseload throughout your undergrad, but I emphasize that I have no experience with the schools you're interested in applying to. During my undergrad, there were some terms where I had to take only 1 credit, or even 0.5 credits. I also took courses during several summers. Like you, my grades hovered almost entirely within the A range. However, I get the sense that your part-time semesters may not have been as reduced as mine. From what I've read on this site, (and anyone please free free to correct me if I'm wrong) you may not even be in terrible shape, depending on whether or not you're getting course load and full-time/part-time mixed up, as @rolypolyjoly mentions. While there is no way for me to know for certain how exactly admission committees viewed my sparse courseloads throughout my undergrad, I feel that @culitigator is correct in stating that you should work to explain this somewhere in your personal statement if you are truly concerned. I applied using the "Access/Special Consideration" status at the above schools (and filled out optional essays where there was no official "Access" category). This essentially gives you a chance to discuss any barriers that you may have faced during undergrad and to explain how they affected your performance. Note that Access Claims cannot overcome absolutely anything, and are more for giving context to explain how an otherwise successful student's performance may have dipped a little during specific times in their undergrad. You may need to provide documentation to show how your work schedule coincided with, and pushed you to take a reduced courseload. This step is necessary for Ontario Access Claims, but I can't really speak to other provinces. You may also want to discuss the specifics of your financial status, if you feel that they're applicable. If you regularly worked long hours to support yourself financially, and you explicitly explain that this is the reason for your reduced courseload, I imagine that your Access Claim would be considered valid. Just for transparency's sake I will mention that my access claim was of a different nature, but I feel my point still stands. I will be honest in stating that I know nothing about the 4.33 scale that you used, but of course, grades and LSAT are of paramount importance. From what I've learned from this forum, extracurriculars are important, but are considered more as "soft factors." If you're really worried about your reduced courseload try to do as well as possible on the LSAT and support your access claim as best as you can. This is of course only if your Access Claim is genuine, but I do get the sense that for you it very well might be.
  12. I actually emailed Osgoode admissions to ask this exact question. They have yet to get back to me, but I will post an update here if I do end up hearing back from them.
  13. That's the plan. We'll see how your predictions for Western and Osgoode go, but based on your prediction for Queen's, I'm definitely feeling much better about waiting to hear back!
  14. I agree that I may now have to decide before I hear back from Osgoode, but there are worse positions one could be in, I figure. I guess we'll see what happens. I plan to let Ryerson know as soon as my offer from Queens updates on OLSAS (still has yet to update as of this post).
  15. Just posted under the general acceptance thread, but figured I should post here as well. Accepted May 7th! Notification received via email, status shows on SOLUS as well. Deadline to accept is May 21st. 3.75 OLSAS, L2 3.82, LSAT 153, 160 (Jan 2020) Applied access, however, there is no way of knowing if I was accepted in that category, or in the general one. Best of luck to all!
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