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  1. After a school has started waitlisting people, is it unlikely to be accepted directly without first being put on the waitlist? I know this may vary from school to school but I’m just curious if the start of a waitlist generally means there are no more seats left (until people reject their offers)?
  2. Hey thanks for the update - do you mind sharing your stats? :)
  3. Hey I'm so sorry to hear about your rejection - thank you for sharing, though! Just wondering: 1. When did you apply? 2. What do you mean by 'unconfirmed' GPA? Is that an approximate CGPA with or without drops?
  4. You are anything but a failure. You have done unbelievably well getting through law school and securing an articling job, despite your MH troubles. You need to cut yourself some slack, friend, and just keep doing the best you can under the circumstances. I recommend, from experience, not to be too open about MH issues with your employer. I'd say your best bet is to give it everything you have for the next five weeks, and try to end on a high note. Stress from the pandemic is legitimate and will help with explaining your performance to some degree. Also, if there is literally anything you've already submitted that you can redo/improve upon and resubmit to show initiative, that could go a long way to show you care about the position. There must be something you can do to go above and beyond, even at this late stage. Just try to remember how hard you've worked to get where you are and that they chose you for good reason.
  5. I'm curious about whether 1L and 2L students with limited relevant experience are at a disadvantage when applying to summer positions at large corporate firms. For example, if your undergrad and past work experience are totally unrelated to business/commerce, but you have good law grades and involvement (clinics/moots etc), can you still be competitive with students who actually have business degrees?
  6. Has anyone heard anything so far this month?
  7. Does anyone know about the 'Supplementary Review' process? Does it mean you're more likely to be wait-listed/rejected instead of accepted?
  8. Did you apply in the Regular category? Congrats btw!
  9. This is helpful thank you - so would you say being accepted as a Regular applicant at this point is unlikely unless you are waitlisted?
  10. Is there any way to tell how many seats have been filled so far? I’m wondering if the final wave has started yet. (It seems from past years’ threads that acceptances past March were few and far between...)
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