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  1. I'm entering 1L as a 39 yr old this fall. Law was always a passion of mine and I always said "one day I'll go back to school and become a lawyer". But as time went on it became harder and harder. By mid 30s I thought it was too late, I was too old. Then I had someone tell me, you're going to be 40 no matter what, might as well be 40 and a lawyer. I still needed to do an undergrad first so I applied to a few universities for the following year, got accepted, liquidated everything I owned and set fourth on school. I applied to law school in my third year and got accepted early. I would have loved to finish my undergrad and have a degree but time isn't on my side Undergrad was fun, but I remember the first week of classes, I was 36, and everyone there looked like babies to me. It was an adjustment. First class in calc1 the prof said we will spend a week to review, perfect I thought, I could use that. I did not remember a thing during review week, all I could think was "fuck, I've made a huge mistake". But it started to come back and I loved going to school. I had no trouble fitting in, I act on the younger side and look a lot younger than my age. I told people I was a mature student and older and everyone thought i meant 26/27, which was good for my self esteem. When I told my now good friend I was 38 at the time, he said "holy shit, that's almost my mom's age". That was funny and humbling. All in all, best decision I could have made. It is never too late to go back. I'd be more than happy to answer any specifics if you PM.
  2. Appears to be upper year students but I can not confirm for sure.
  3. I am pretty disappointed it is online. I was hoping we would be able to have in-person lectures even if it were still part time. I live in Kelowna (~2hrs away) so I will not be moving but I am more than happy to travel for events. Hoping once a fb group or something else is created, we will be able to organize some events to meet everyone. Looking forward to meeting everyone in some capacity in the future!
  4. Received an email this morning. Accepted! LSAT 159, cGPA 4.09/4.33 L2 4.11/4.33 Applying with only 3 years of undergrad (90 credits complete) and as a mature student.
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