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  1. Was just accepted off the waitlist. I am in absolute shock, as I am registered for the LSAT on Saturday. Completely elated! 155 LSAT and 3.8 GPA. Can't wait to meet everyone!!
  2. Rejected Wednesday: L2: 3.8 LSAT: 155 Minor Sask Connection
  3. I'll start this thread: Rejected just now. L2: 3.8/4.0 LSAT: 152,155 Attended undergrad in NS. Non-maritimes resident. Decent ECs, references and 2 years work experience. Expected but disappointed.
  4. Only 2 waitlists that I saw were posted here, although I assume others were sent. Perhaps they only sent out mature applicant waitlist decisions though. It's all a mystery. I'm assuming they must be behind due to COVID-19 and online course planning..
  5. Has anyone received an email requesting an interview yet? Just trying to get a sense if they've made all decisions and sent out waitlists yesterday and rejections are to follow shortly or not...
  6. I am not going to go into too much depth into what the experience entailed, but I can say that it was definitely not an "eat, pray, love" excursion, nor a "fun" voluntourism trip. Only 2 students at the entire university were selected to work closely with an NGO in Africa that had strong ties to the university, where we helped analyze their business venture, provide recommendations and business reports and continue to work closely with this business. I also worked with past and present law students and lawyers to ensure no "saviour" type language was included in my PS as this was not at all the nature of the experience. Just to be clear, I was not saying I was deserving of a reconsideration nor asking for advice as to whether I was deserving of one. My initial question had been if anyone had ever done so.
  7. My stats were L2: 3.8 and a 155 LSAT I have seen many others get in with these stats so they don't appear to be below a particular cut-off and I have 2 years post grad work experience and an interesting EC.
  8. No, as in an appeal of their admission decision. I've seen it happening at other schools like Osgoode.
  9. Has anyone ever asked for a reconsideration of application from U of C?
  10. Rejected just now. LSAT 152, 155 L2: 3.8 Strong ECs and LORs, and a unique educational experience in Africa. 2 years post grad work experience. Super crushed as this was my first choice and I'm a Calgary native.
  11. I still have yet to hear back..There has already been rejections at this point right? Not hearing anything could mean you're still in the running right?
  12. I think it will probably open up soon but I'm assuming the deadline will be the end of June, as the July one was end of May and the June one was end of April. So fingers crossed the timing fits perfectly and I will hear before then, if not, I'll be registering to rewrite.
  13. I agree, and I am prepared for that risk as I had to submit all my applications on Nov. 1 without knowing my first October LSAT score and then do the same in January waiting to update my applications. Just want to be more prepared going into the next admission cycle and have as much information beforehand when considering what schools I want to apply for.
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