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  1. Accepted January 19! CGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 164
  2. Went into queue on December 17! CGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 164
  3. Oof, I really hope the medians do not shift too much if the cycle is truly more competitive. I have a 3.71 OLSAS CGPA and 164 LSAT and was really hoping for Osgoode as I am over both of last years averages. Who knows at this point though.
  4. Osgoode would probably be my first choice. It's close to home so it suits me, I like the clinics and the vibe of the school, and obviously it has good name recognition (honestly, this is a very minor reason, I don't care about that too much). It also seems to be a diverse school which is important to me.
  5. With 290 spots. Last year's numbers were around 2735 applicants. How big a deal will this have? Do you think admission will be significantly more competitive, or less so?
  6. I also have not received from Ottawa or any others yet
  7. Was looking through this topic and thought I'd ask: has COVID changed anything significant in the practice/compensation of crown vs. defence work? I assume some sort of adjustment, more so on the defence side (less clients, remote practice), but don't know if that's the reality.
  8. I was wondering how exactly this worked. For my references, what exactly is the "secure environment" to complete the reference online that OLSAS talks about? I ask this because I am curious if my reference has to manually type the letter in that secure environment? Or do they upload a file? Or copy paste the letter in? One of my references asked me about this and I do not know how exactly to answer them.
  9. Retook my LSAT after getting a 159 the first time, just got my score back and it's a 164. What are my chances for this upcoming cycle?
  10. I will be applying to other schools as well for sure. Hopefully if I improve my LSAT I can be more comfortable about Osgoode. Thanks
  11. This is good to hear, I will try and boost my score to improve my chances more as well. Thank you!
  12. What are my chances? My CGPA on the OLSAS scale is 3.71 and my LSAT score is 159. I am planning on rewriting the LSAT at the end of this month to boost my score to improve chances, but how do I look with these stats?
  13. This seems reassuring, seems like cautiously CR/NCR'ing any grade that will drop your GPA by a significant amount is the smart thing to do.
  14. Due to COVID19, undergraduate classes have been cancelled and moved online. Many universities have moved towards re-weighting course marks. UofT in particular has given students the option Credit/No Credit (Pass/Fail grade) any course, even program requirements. An unlimited number of courses can be marked with this option. This option has been put in place because many final exams have been cancelled and re-weighting is disadvantageous to many students. Would Osgoode's admission committee look down on CR/NCR if a student did it for most of the courses in this specific year if their GPA was high before? UofT has said it will be providing letters to their undergrads explaining this policy (due to academic disruption). They did something similar during the TA strike of 2015. Say if a student in third year CR/NCR 4 of 5 courses due to this disruption, would this be harmful on an application to Osgoode? Thanks!
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