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  1. That's what I was thinking. Thanks for confirming!
  2. Hey sorry stupid question, but is Welcome Day online or in person this year?
  3. In! LSAT: 167 B3: 3.87 Did the optional essay!
  4. Got the email Thursday. Confirmed Acceptance on the portal. cGPA: 3.87 LSAT: 167 Good luck to everyone!
  5. In as of this past evening via email and confirmed on student centre. LSAT: 167 cGPA: 3.87 (don't know L2)
  6. First, they say that offers will be given starting on the 14th to the 18th. Then, offers start being given on the 11th and they state they will be going out until the end of the 15th. Then, they're all done as of the morning of the 14th? Obviously, it's a minor deal in the long run but this is just cruel to applicants.
  7. I am also similarly feeling disappointed. 3.87 B3, 167 and I've already matriculated. oh well.
  8. Accepted this morning! cGPA: 3.87 LSAT: 167 In queue: Nov. 27th!
  9. I would say less than 10% (assuming you're not access and don't have a specific reason for why your gpa is so low), but there are other good law schools out there so don't sweat it
  10. Why does UofT use Tumblr? Literally the dumbest form of communication with applicants. Even a Twitter would be better
  11. Message OUAC using SAM or call. This is too important to rely on internet strangers.
  12. https://www.lawapplicants.ca/predictor You're in a great position as is.
  13. Thank you! Do you know if first wave starts this week?
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