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  1. https://www.lawapplicants.ca/predictor You're in a great position as is.
  2. Thank you! Do you know if first wave starts this week?
  3. In queue as of the 27th cgpa: 3.86 LSAT: 161, 167
  4. If you're deadset on UofT then you should rewrite. Strong softs according to who?
  5. Yeah definitely rewrite https://www.lawapplicants.ca/predictor
  6. I don't think there is any disadvantage in doing so. I would definitely rewrite because your cGPA isn't great. which schools are you considering?
  7. https://www.lsac.org/choosing-law-school/find-law-school/canadian-law-schools/university-alberta-faculty Personally, I would rewrite
  8. https://www.lawapplicants.ca/predictor, Oz and UofT seem out of reach
  9. Don't get caught up in worrying about stats, focus on school/LSAT and what happens, happens There is an admissions predictor on lawapplicants.ca btw
  10. HYS don't do full ride scholarships and 170 is below median for those schools.
  11. Poor https://www.lawapplicants.ca/predictor
  12. with your gpa you probably need 170+ so if you're set on going to the US you should cancel. https://7sage.com/predictor/
  13. It's been really bugging me these last fews days. Does anyone recognize the building?
  14. UofT probably considers extra-curriculars the least out of any law school in Ontario (they don't even read reference letters). If you want UofT consider rewriting. You have a decent shot at getting in as is, but if you want to ensure acceptance consider rewriting the LSAT.
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