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  1. I appreciate the good conversation here. I am passionate about the two clubs and also want to expand my network and open myself to as many opportunities as possible.
  2. Hi! I am applying for different 1L positions at volunteer associations and was wondering how the time commitment was. Is it doable to be on the executive team of two associations? Thanks
  3. Was looking more for an app but thanks!!
  4. Hi everyone! I am a rising 1L and I am trying to get ready for law school online this year. I used the MyHomework app in my undergrad combined with Google Calendar for my schedule, and it worked pretty well, but I was wondering if anyone here has a productivity/organization app that they swear by? Would love to find something new. Thank you 🙂
  5. McGill will actually consider your LSAT score if you take the LSAT, but it isn’t a requirement. I was also a Concordia student in marketing, just graduated! I was in a similar spot as you and got into law school, with a 3.2 GPA. Feel free to message me!
  6. I got a degree in marketing and never really was involved with the law before, until my parents divorced in a very nasty way, the whole process taking 3 years and still going. That's when I discovered the law and became fascinated with the way people can treat each other after mariage, and thought I wanted to help the children who are stuck in all of this. I am also passionate about animal law! I think it's great to read this thread and hear everyone's story.
  7. Thank you! I’ve already accepted my offer at UOttawa but I was just curious about the class. Do you remember by any chance the professor’s name who teaches the class?
  8. Hi! Has anyone ever taken an Animal Law class at UOttawa? I saw one featured on one of the pages from the school's website, but it seemed outdated. I would be really interested in taking this class and I really hope it exists. Thank you
  9. Who else is in the Programme de droit canadien? Feel free to message me! We are a small program and I would like to get to know my fellow classmates ☺️
  10. I am only starting law school in the fall, but since we are on the topic of exercising, I like to do yoga to relax and I highly suggest the app I use called Down Dog. It gives video tutorials based on how long you want to practice and what level you are at.
  11. I have seen it but don’t remember from which school exactly. Nevertheless, I still stand by the the fact that it is important to tailor the personal statement to the school in question and to express why this school is of interest to you.
  12. I heard this from someone on an admissions committee. Although, definitely in Canada there is more of an emphasis on grades. I agree with you 100%. I just brought it up because I think it gives good insight into what the admissions committee is looking for, other than just why you want to practice law and what interests you.
  13. The information that helped me the most writing my personal statement is that it’s a 2-way street. You need to talk about yourself and maybe a specific event that made you develop an interest in law. However, schools want to attain a good “yield” which is the amount of offers accepted vs the amount of offers given. As part of the process, the admissions committee will read the statement and ask themselves, “how likely are they to accept an offer from us?”. This is not necessarily advice so you know what to write about, but it helped me because it made me stress less about writing a perfectly crafted letter that I hope they will like and made me focus on how I can fit in and bring value.
  14. I got in and the deadline to accept was May 22nd. Means there will probably be more acceptances this week and next week hopefully!
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