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  1. I'd be happy to help, dm me if you'd like! Best of luck and cheers!
  2. Not sure if someone mentioned this already, but Indochino is swell. They usually have good bundle deals for tailored and customizable shirts, pants, suits, and overcoats. I'd recommend it!
  3. congratulations, you deserve it! are you accepting the offer?
  4. I have a Diploma in Liberal Arts (Rhetoric & Writing; UFV), and a BA (English Literature; UVIC)--not sure what my GPA is after all the drops. LSAT 151 (with accommodations). I've a bang-on EC record, and some decent work experience. As for reference letters, I got one my from my lawyer who represented the prosecution of my refugee case (now become my mentor, of sorts), and the others are from my professors. I applied for both JD and JID/JD. My JID/JD says "Decision Pending," while my JD reads "Offer Accepted (Law)." I applied under the Discretionary Category: seen and been through a few things in life, and now I am here to read law! The JID/JD programme was my first choice, and UVIC was the only school I applied to. I'm the luckiest man alive to call what's now Canada and BC home, and luckier still to be accepted to UVIC Law community. I can't wait to do my partner, friends, mentor, UVIC Law, and Canada proud!
  5. Got the call on the 11th (afternoon)! Admitted to the JD programme (Discretionary)! Congratulations to everyone here: I really look forward to seeing you this September (provided Covid-19 doesn't get us prior).
  6. Thanks people! I figured I'd be recommended a huge dose of chill-pill. I plan on enjoying my time before class starts: definitely gonna read Toni Morrison's 'Beloved' or some Thomas King or some Plato! And, of course, safely fuckin' party! If any of you are in Victoria and would like to grab a cup of coffee before class, gimme a shout! Always happy to make friends!
  7. Hey all! I got the call on the 11th--I start this fall! While we all nervously wait for the first day, any ideas on how to spend the summer before law school starts?
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