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  1. Does anyone know if ICLP decisions have gone out already?
  2. Thank you, and huge congratulations to you as well! I made this post prior to receiving Osgoode's offer, and as I'm coming from the GTA, Osgoode will be closer to home and thus a more convenient choice for me. For this reason I'm leaning towards Osgoode, yet still drawn to Ottawa's specialty in public law. Lots of decision to make in the next day or two, but I'll leave this thread open for people who are attending Ottawa, regardless
  3. UBC has a similar ranking to Osgoode. I suppose it all depends on where you want to work/live post-grad. Tough decision for sure!
  4. I don't know much about others, but I believe Ryerson has rolling admissions, so it should be coming soon!
  5. Extremely thrilled to be posting this & still can't believe this is real. In as of March 27, updated on OASIS, no email yet. cGPA: 3.62/LSAT: 153 (I know ) Lots of EC/volunteer/work experiences in undergrad. Strong PS. Filled out Part B. For those with similar stats and still waiting, don't lose hope. Osgoode isn't just about numbers!
  6. Hi! Just wondering if there is anyone who has/will be firmly accepting the offer from Ottawa. Would love to get to know some of you before school starts (if.. it does)
  7. Hi! Do you remember when you were referred?
  8. I think you have a good chance at Ottawa and Dal! Osgoode is very unpredictable with their admission; UBC is known for their high stats admission.
  9. How do holistic offers differ from regular offers?
  10. Congratulations! Did you get an email or was it through student account?
  11. Thank you! I noticed it being updated on UoZone last night, and I got the email this morning! Still not showing on OLSAS yet.
  12. Accepted March 18 to JD and Dual JD General Category; OLSAS cGPA: 3.62, LSAT: 153 Strong PS with lots of EC and work/volunteer experience. Unexpected due to my stats being on the lower side. Ottawa really is holistic :') Don't lose hope!
  13. 3.8L2/153/good softs, wrote optional essay. expected but still disappointed
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