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  1. I planned to reside at Osgoode Chambers for 1L but as a result of the covid situation, there is now uncertainty around if/when Osgoode Chambers will open to new students. How have your plans changed if originally you planned to reside at Osgoode Chambers?
  2. Waitlisted a few weeks ago CGPA 3.03 L2 3.87 LSAT 160/161 I firm accepted Osgoode
  3. Just received the acceptance email! 3.03 CGPA, 3.87 L2, 160/161 LSAT 5 years work experience, filled out part b
  4. I received an acceptance to Ryerson Law on March 6. I can’t express in words how thrilled I am! Ryerson was my top choice of law schools due to their unique legal curriculum that includes elements of business and technology. Truly forward thinking law school. 3.03 CGPA, 3.85 L2, 160/161 LSAT 5 years of employment experience, strong extracurriculars and reference letters
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