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  1. Has anyone personally purchased the Powerscore self study pack (includes bibles, workbook, and passage type training books)? Im planning on buying it in addition to 7sage, but wanted outside opinions on whether or not to buy the bundle or just the bible trilogy.
  2. Very thorough, I appreciate it! Thanks for all the ideas!
  3. Thanks for your feedback and I like the idea about transferable skills, just finishing up my April semester and will study throughout the summer!
  4. Thanks for the replies! I'm sure there are others in the same boat too, I appreciate it!
  5. true, having something an individual cares about/the cause itself, makes the opportunity 10x more enjoyable too!
  6. my gpa isnt perfect or competitive as of now (only a 3rd year student who still has 3 courses in progress...so will get back to you about my exact gpa), I wanted my EC's and lsat score to prove otherwise for this summer; in case my gpa isnt where i want it to be while applying...
  7. Due to the pandemic, getting a job during this state seems unrealistic sadly. However, helping around seems positive and lovely, thanks!
  8. Hi guys, This summer was suppose to be my summer of volunteering, having more EC's, and having a job (things i would happily enjoy). Sadly, this seems to be more of a vision than reality considering the global pandemic. I'm not sure what to do, i'm stuck at home, and I want to do things that would positively benefit myself/resume, as well as being a future law student. I NEED your thoughts/opinions on what I should do (in terms of adding to my resume and generally EC's/volunteering); as of now, I only have 3 clubs from school.
  9. Amazing, and congrats on getting in!
  10. Thanks! If you dont mind me asking, what was your lsat score with using 7sage and what package did you buy. Im leaning towards buying the ultimate+
  11. An online course would be best for the summer time, recommendations?
  12. Hi guys, If I'm going to pay to take an LSAT course/prep which ones are the best worth my money, and will actual help test-takers achieve great scores?
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