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  1. I’m not sure that only the stats are considered at this stage. It might be some sort of combination between holistic evaluation and next best stats. If you look at last year, the person who got off the waitlist had a lower prediction index than the rest of the individuals waiting. Just a hunch, as nobody really knows.
  2. My RAMSS used to say no active application but that is gone now. Not sure what that means.
  3. Also on the same boat as you guys-waiting. 3.3 CGPA 3.8 L2 154 LSAT 2 really good academic references who know me well. A lot of legal ecs.
  4. Do you mean that people have mentioned on the Facebook group that they are waiting for other places?
  5. Weird! I am not sure - other people are able to message me. I will try deleting some messages from my inbox!
  6. Waitlisted this morning - 3.8, 154 . Kinda disappointed but kind of expected .
  7. Yes I got it too and have not received an offer .
  8. Wow awesome advice. Thanks so much! Will definitely wait for something more close by.
  9. FYI - I am a girl in my early twenties and I am very clean. In this condo we each get our own room and bathroom. I am really easy going and would love to live with a fellow law classmate (probably easier to understand eachother). Originally from AB. Please message me if you think you would be interested in being my roommate and we can chat further. Looking to rent a relatively nice condo, which is 1500-1600 month aka 750- 800 each per month. If you ask me that is a good deal since school residence is about the same price. Condo is linked below: https://www.zumper.com/apartment-buildings/p355413/hillside-walk-kamloops-bc?source=trovit_can_featured&utm_source=Trovit&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=featured_ca Also, if you have any ideas for closer apartments and would like to message me about them just let me know!
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