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  1. I think it’s hard to say... depends on how quickly the economy recovers after COVID.
  2. Thank you! Honestly you are right, and I hope that this post helps other prospective students to get a better sense of what Bay Street hours are like.
  3. Thanks for this! On a related note - how does one maintain balance in this case? I have found it extremely difficult to have a life outside of work these past few months and even when I do have slower days, I tend to feel extremely guilty for not working “harder” that day so I cannot even enjoy my free time. I understand that this is something that a lot of other students and associates feel too - does that ever go away?
  4. I haven’t taken vacation, but you’re right - I probably should. Thanks for that!
  5. Thanks, everyone! This has given me a bit of hope and a lot to think about.
  6. Thanks all! To clarify, 250 is billable + non-billable dockets. My billable hours have been around 130-150/month and the rest are non-billable tasks. I am “in the office” longer than that since there are certain things that I cannot bill (e.g., lunch, washroom breaks, etc.). I think what’s burning me out at this point is also the unpredictability of my workday. I’ve had days where I docketed 16hrs because “urgent” tasks came in that needed to be done for the following morning. I have been told that associates have more control over their time and their days are more predictable - is this true?
  7. Hi friends! Current Bay Street articling student here, seeking some advice / reassurance. In short, I have been working (what I believe to be) really long hours - I have averaged around 250hrs/month since August. I’m getting pretty close to burning out and I keep trying to tell myself that I just need to get through the next three months before it gets better. Firstly - am I actually working a lot or am I just not used to it yet? Secondly, does it ever get better? Sincerely, A lost and tired articling student.
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