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  1. Like I mentioned, I was dealing with a host of health issues which forced me to put my articling search on hold until January of this year, so it's not like I have necessarily been actively looking for long. It is a paid internship, and my thought process was to give it a shot for two months to see if I liked it; worst case, if I didn't, it was still something I could use to boost my resume to help me secure other opportunities. What doesn't help is my boss can be quite emotionally abusive, and I don't think it's unreasonable for me to not want to be around that for 10 months in an area I don't enjoy or want to end up in no less. My question was more with regards to transitioning to a new role mid-articling, but I think I've realized that it's best and ethical to just not accept the position from now rather than quit midway through if know I don't want to stay.
  2. Hey guys, In a bit of a dilemma with my articling situation. Recently started out as a legal intern at a small PI firm who told me they would start me out for two months as an intern before deciding whether to hire me on full-time as an articling student. Knew quickly after starting the job that PI was not for me, but decided to stay on regardless to gain litigation experience while I looked for other opportunities before the end of my two month probationary period. The other day, I received an articling offer earlier than expected (by week three of my internship), and they want me to have all the paperwork filled by next week to start. My first instinct was to see if my employer would allow me to stay on one more month as an intern before making a decision but, in the likely situation she refuses, I felt it best to be honest with her and tell her I intended to quit. A cousin of mine however advised signing on as an articling student initially since I don't have anything else lined up, and then looking for other opportunities in the interim and transferring credit from my current job to the new one. Do any of you think this is advisable? I have a number of concerns proceeding with that plan, most of all feeling as though it's dishonest and unfair to the employer, but also not being sure if that credit is transferrable (in Ontario) once I have quit and started a new placement? My belief was that I would have to start over again, and that shared credit is only possible under a joint articling framework agreed upon by both employers prior to articling. Correct me if I'm wrong? Also, this employer is not covering licensing fees--would I have to potentially pay for that twice should my future articling employer not cover those either? My only fear is that because I don't have anything else lined up right now (I had been on a health-related hiatus following graduation in mid-2019), it may be harder for me to get something later. Overall, I am most inclined to just quit now if I can't extend my probationary period, but wanted to get a sense of other people's thoughts first, and see if anyone has been through anything similar. Thanks!
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