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  1. I'm currently finishing my undergrad and doing my best to raise my L2 GPA for law school applications in 2021. I attend U of A and they've decided to change the grading scheme for their winter 2020 semester to credit/no-credit (I'm sure many other Canadian universities are doing the same). Unfortunately, I was anticipating at least 3 A's this semester, so this really hurts a significant GPA boost. I'm wondering how concerned I should be if my GPA at the end of my degree is lower than it could have been. Is this something I can address in my personal statement to make it clear that I was doing well and succeeding despite the extraordinary circumstances? Edit: just to be clear, I did see the thread about how this applies to current law students, but I'm specifically looking for advice as an undergraduate.
  2. I was just about to pay for the 7sage LSAT Ultimate+ course too. Now I can pick the cheaper program and get access to the pt's through LSAC.
  3. Could someone please do an updated one for McGill?
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