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  1. No, you only e-mail if you would like to be removed! So I hope those who do not have an interest in Usask remove themselves so it can possibly bump others up and make movement faster.
  2. Before a decision is made it just says completed on portal, however after it says completed-waitlisted, view letter
  3. waitlisted B2: 3.6 LSAT: 156
  4. This wait is absolutely brutal, I hope they don’t take too long to let us know our fate.
  5. waiting B2:3.6 Lsat: 156 I applied in november
  6. Does anyone know if the class size is full or when an update may be happening
  7. If you click on Lsac reports when you log into your lsac account you should be able to see what schools requested your score and when they did. If the account numbers match up then there should be a record, if Sask isn’t on there email them about it to clarify.
  8. waitlisted cGPA: 3.3 B2: 3.6 LSAT: 156
  9. mine started off by saying they were favorably impressed and wanted to keep me on waitlist. I don’t know if that hints as to where I stand or if it was part of the waitlist email to everyone.
  10. Hi I'm still waiting to here back, when do you think I might be hearing back? B2GPA: 3.62/4.00 LSAT: 156 (best) connection: extended family lives there, cousin is alumni from college of law thanks!
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