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  1. i want to be licensed a lawyer at law society of ontario which they accept two degrees, the one is LLB and the other is JD, but i cann't find which schools offer LLB, could you please give me a link?Thx again.
  2. Thx for your info, and i have one question, which school offer Bachelor of Law in Ontario?
  3. hi, i was enrolled by Seneca and will begin to study paralegal in May 2020 with length of 13 months. After graduation with this major, I would like to continue to study Bachelor of Law in the university. But I don’t find the proper information about transfer from Seneca to University, I have surfed website of York University or University of Toronto, but I can’t find Bachelor of Law program or transfer information. Is it possible for me to study Bachelor of Law in any universities in Ontario of Canada? of course, in a short time with transfer paralegal program. thank you.
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