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  1. Does that mean there's only 1 time slot/section date for each 1L course?
  2. I'm an Ontario resident and accepted an offer in BC but I'm still waiting to hear back from a few schools in Ontario. Do I have to be worried that the school in BC will communicate to the Ontario schools that I have already accepted and thereby taking me out of contention in Ontario? I just want to make sure that Ontario schools know that I'm still interested as I prefer to stay in-province. Any insight will be greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is staying safe!
  3. october 31 but they didnt get my fall grades until middle of jan
  4. Accepted this afternoon by email! LSAT: 151 CGPA: 3.7/4.33, L2: 3.95/4.33 Ontario resident
  5. how long were you referred to admissions committee before being placed on waitlist?
  6. how long were you referred to admissions committee before being rejected?
  7. can't speak for everyone but I haven't received an acceptance yet and haven't gotten the email
  8. was ur application "incomplete" before you got waitlisted?
  9. Just noticed within the last couple days that my status changed to pending decision. Hopefully this means they've reviewed it and some good news will come in the next couple weeks!
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