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  1. Hello Everyone, I got remedial in solicitor exam and i passed everything else in PLTC. My call date is just a month away. But i am confused now, if any one can guide what should be my next steps, like do i have to extend my articles? And if yes, what should be my new expected call date now? Or alternatively is there any way i can be called on my original call date. Thank you...
  2. I got remedial in solicitor.. all other things are pass. My call date was just a month away..😔😔. Dont know what to do next. Any suggestions!!
  3. Thank you everyone...
  4. Hello Everyone, I am enrolled in feb 2021 pltc. Just wondering if it is okay to just read the CANs for pltc exams instead of reading the whole pltc materials that is available on lawsociety website. Would that be enough for passing the exams?
  5. I am taking PLTC in Feb 2021. So can i just start my articling term according to my articling agreement with my principal? Do i need any sort of approval from Law Society before i start working as an articling student?
  6. Hello Everyone, I want to know if anyone applied for pltc and licensing in Bc just recently. I have sent my application last week to lsbc but did not hear back from them yet. Tried to email and phone but no word from them yet. Does anyone know if law society accepting new applications atm and do they send any confirmation once they receive the application package? Thanks
  7. How long do they usually take to reply to email? I emailed on monday.. haven't heard back yet.
  8. Hello Everyone, I was looking for an articling position from last one year in BC, finally I got an offer this week. I have all the forms ready and signed by my principle. I have a few questions regarding my application, if anyone can help me out. 1. I am a foreign trained lawyer and completed my NCA exams back in July 2018. NCA has sent my certificate of qualification directly to the Law Society of BC at the same time. I want to know for how long does the Law Society keep the certificate handy? If they do not have the certificate accessible at the moment then I have to request NCA to resend my certificate to them again and it will take few weeks time. 2. Is the Law society still accepting new application for licensing, if yes, how are they accepting the new applications. The method that i know is to drop off my application in person to their office but according to their website they are working from home and there is no information provided on the method to send the new application. Would mailing my application to the Law Society's office be a better idea? I have tried calling them and emailing them, but I have not received any reply yet.
  9. Hello Everyone, I am looking for Articling in BC since I got my NCA Certification in July 2018. I have worked as a Legal Assistant at a Solo Practitioner for 6 months. He cant act as my prinicipal as he is not a 5 year call yet. I can work on any terms and conditions, unpaid ofcourse. I have tried every way possible to get this position but I think my luck is not favoring me. I would really really appreciate if anybody could help. Thanks
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