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  1. This one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2901797936725719 If Link does not work just search: McGill Law - Incoming Class of 2021 Up to 145 members on the group everyone, good fortune be with all.
  2. Well, I am in the same category and have heard nothing either. I really hope that I have not missed any interview requests in my own inbox.
  3. Well, that is not exactly good news for a University Applicant like me, but I appreciate the insight. Thank you.
  4. Does the emergence of the waitlist itself imply that they have already filled up all of their spots for the class already? I am leaning towards the answer being no because I have heard in this forum and others that acceptances are given out until the months of June and July and potentially even beyond. However, what was not made clear previously was whether those acceptances were from the waitlist or if they were directly from RFR. I am still an RFR hopeful myself but I would like to get a sense of what to expect going forward. I am thinking of drafting a letter of intent if waitlisted and I want to get it out ASAP if I can.
  5. It's like looking in a mirror.... Facebook group is at 108 members, so I don't know how reflective that is on the number of places, but I would put a conservative estimate of 10-20 for Mature and General students at this point. Anybody know about the status of their assessment of the CEGEP applications?
  6. That is still ~40 spots for those of us in the Regular and Mature categories that have not been accepted if one takes the route of optimism.
  7. Glad to know I'm not the only one pal. I'm starting to type the Minerva login in my sleep.
  8. Especially if you are still waiting for Language Testing.
  9. Admitted last week, but had to take care of some personal stuff first. Here are my stats: CGPA (OLSAS): 3.63 CGPA (University of Toronto): 3.74 L2: 3.77 B3: 3.77 LSAT: Taken 4 times, Canceled once, Best Score: 155 ECs & LOR: Don't know what to say here about the ExtraCurriculars but I made sure to be doing at least one Extracurricular activity, one volunteering position, and one occupation (employment of some kind) on a weekly basis at the same time and at least two of them if I could not manage three. For Letters of Recommendation, I relied on teachers who had tutored me in my specialty areas and I was careful to pick one from my Undergraduate School and one from my Masters School. I also am currently taking that Masters at Oxford University at the moment, so I believe that that also factored into the application process on my end. Best of luck to the remaining applicants!
  10. McGill told me that the earliest that they would be letting people in was February. I log back into this site this month to hear that they have been admitting people since December. Yes. I've been worrying everyday, more about if I'll be prepared for a potential French test from them than anything else. Nothing I can say to the rest of that except stay strong, don't lose faith in a straight acceptance until March, and be prepared for whatever they have to tell you.
  11. So, early March then. As a general, I will keep that in mind. Still in the running as it says "Ready for Review" on my page. But I am still nervous over the final outcome due to my lack of professional experience in French and lower than average LSAT score.
  12. When should we start worrying? April?
  13. Of that, I had no intention. That is all. I was aware that a poor LSAT punishes Francophones as mush as it does Anglophones. I was just saying that it is an unknown factor to me as to whether the school specifically markets itself to Francophones in their orientations (by addressing linguistic capabilities and R-Scores for CEGEP students with just as much attention as they do the LSAT and the GPA). That is all. I appreciate your advice regarding the LSAT, I am currently investigating as to whether I should take it another time. It is a lot of work and my thesis here at Oxford is in need of equal if not greater attention. I will see how the year plays out but I am not signing up for another test unless I can 100% say that I can get a score anywhere in or near the low 160 range (which would require at least a couple of mid 160s on some mock tests). A source of my optimism though comes from this page: https://www.lsac.org/choosing-law-school/find-law-school/canadian-law-schools/mcgill-university-faculty As indicated by the chart at the bottom, with my GPA and LSAT percentile range, it is Possible and not Unlikely that I would be accepted to McGill university. Couple that with the fact that the school has admitted in its own resources here https://www.mcgill.ca/law/files/law/2018-mcgill-law-admissions_presentation_fb.pdf and here https://www.mcgill.ca/law/bcl-jd/admissions-guide/eligibility That they admit that the lowest scores that they will accept range from 150 -152. They have also said here: http://lrstv.mcgill.ca/ListRecordings.aspx?CourseID=21828 that they do not have a low-end cutoff when it comes to LSAT, GPA, or R-scores, and encourage you to apply, especially if you are deficient in only one department. The other option that I have, although I have not investigated this, is applying as a mature student following the expunging of my LSAC records after a five year period. Do you have any insight on if this is a good strategy? I trust that provides a bit of perspective. I am curious though, is there anything above that I mentioned about buffing my CV that could use some improvement?
  14. The rumor probably has to do with the fact that Mcgill constantly pushes the idea that they have a holistic approach to admissions and that they don't emphasize the LSAT as much as other schools do. For example, if I were to go to any other orientation at a North American Law School outside Quebec, then I would hear about how the LSAT is worth a good chunk of my application and at least as much as my grades (which together constitute like 70-80% of the school's admissions decision). Now, whether McGill's orientations are specifically geared towards Francophones is another story, but from what I have seen and researched, I think I have a shot. I know a guy who went to Ottawa straight from U of T. We had similar GPAs and he performed a little better on the LSAT but Ottawa does not seem to have the sort of opportunities that McGill provides. Make no mistake though, McGill is not my only choice. I have other options in Canada, McGill just happens to be the best one for my purposes and also the one most likely to forgive a bad or lesser LSAT score based off of what I have heard from them. As for extracurriculars, I got myself a part-time job here, and am trying to get other activities here (currently involved in 2-3 alongside my job). Also applied to a volunteer service. Nevertheless, I am trying to mesh with the local community here without sacrificing my academic potential and that has been quite a struggle, so while I am tempted to go for student leadership positions, I am concerned that this will compromise my performance where it counts. Hope that paints a better picture, and thank you for the advice.
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