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  1. I don't understand why the condensed the small groups into one semester. My understanding from upper-years was that small group was better spread out, which allowed for a better understanding of the material, and gave more time for projects. I can do the readings just fine, but the final project that's not even being "released" until December is already worrying me. A major research project, along with a smaller project another course, while studying for exams in 3 weeks sounds absolutely insane. I'm reading ahead to finish all the 1L readings by the start of November just so I don't have to worry as much with the exams.
  2. Maybe not unfair but it is bullshit imo, especially given the pathetic slowness of some administrative offices like Ottawa.
  3. Yeah man, can't do it otherwise. In non-service jobs communication skills are non-existent, and they immediately give you your position.
  4. The top US schools and UofT are refusing deferrals without exceptional circumstances, so I doubt it.
  5. Again, I heard the same story about how Ryerson's innovative and practical curriculum, cool and down-to-earth faculty, and prime location will attract competitive students to its commerce, MBA, biomedical, and engineering programs and a decade later they're still significantly behind the top schools. Why would it be different for law? It'll overtake Lakehead and maybe Windsor, not Ottawa, and will absolutely not be on the same level as Western and Queens. This forum exaggerates the importance of location.
  6. I've heard the same story regarding Ryerson's commerce, MBA, biomedical/health sciences, and computer engineering programs and so far they're still leagues behind the top schools.
  7. UDM's BigLaw+Clerkship rate is 3%.
  8. I should be a neurosurgeon right now but the fascist pigs at John Hopkins said my 2.3 GPA isn't competitive 😠
  9. It's a gamble. See: Ice Towers in Toronto, where the apartments turned out smaller than planned, had a design change with poor construction quality, and is now 80% AirBNBs.
  10. Why is Ottawa so slow? Isn't it to their detriment since a lot of people would just say "fuck it" and accept another school?
  11. Studying 1-2 hours a day for prep material is manageable and advisable. But once you're done with prep material, you should try to replicate the test conditions with the practice tests. The LSAT is 3.5 hours long so you'd be studying ~4 hours a day for a good while (I did maybe 55 PTs over 2 months).You might burn out if you're working 8-5 and then studying 6-10.
  12. 20% business kids, 17% STEM, 6% "interdisciplinary" which is where all the Health Sci, iSci, and ArtSci kids fall under. Fuck it 40% is close enough to 50%.
  13. If you mean in relation to their LSAT score, it's more of a selection bias because there are hordes of idiots who think "pre-law degree"=automatically high LSAT score, so they don't study properly. This occurs with the MCAT as well — on average, non-specialized biology students get a lower MCAT score than every other applicant with a STEM degree.
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