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  1. I know this forum hates the idea of tiers, but UDM is a tier 4 US school — I genuinely can't see it help you with employment in America. A 3% Big Law+Clerkship rate is terrible.
  2. Pretty sure the people leaving the group are those who declined their offer. Probably ~15 people have left the group so far. Another 10-15 will probably leave by June when the provisional offer deadline kicks in, and maybe another wave of 10-15 people who decide on going to America.
  3. Probably, but I can't find numbers except that 5 students were selected to clerk at the SCC.
  4. This is just out of pure curiosity. UofT indicates that 5-8% of graduates are doing clerkships, UWO at ~2%, Queens at 1-3%, and Osgoode at ~5% (PDF warning). I can't find the graduate employment statistics for the other Ontario schools, if anyone has info it would be much appreciated.
  5. My accounting friends said they got straight up fired.
  6. Unrelated to law firms, but somewhat relevant: There's a bloodbath going on with the Big 4. KPMG laid off hundreds of people yesterday, EY is expected to follow, some talks about Deloitte and PwC laying off people this week. Guidehouse and smaller businesses also firing people.
  7. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/academic-programs/jd-program/financial-aid-and-fees/bursaries-and-scholarships/complete-list
  8. Fucking lol, come on you have to tell us what school it was.
  9. According to the Ultravires 2018 2L Recruitment special, for ~70% of students, their parents have a combined annual income of $100K+, and ~40% for $200K+. For reference, the average household income in Toronto according to CMHC is about 100K, while the median is ~78K. Of course, this doesn't take into consideration factors like age, but yeah, it's safe to assume most students attending UofT come from upper class/UMC families. Plus, I've heard that UofT provides more financial aid opportunities, post-graduate debt relief, and has more bursaries available. The same recruitment special shows that 20% of students graduate with no debt, and 35% graduate with less than $50K debt, so it's not too surprising given their family's socioeconomic status. Then there's 1% that graduate with $200K+ debt, which is a mindfuck.
  10. Good chance for Dalhousie, mediocre chance for Ottawa since they apparently place a heavy emphasis on the cGPA, mediocre to low chance for Osgoode , and pretty much no chance for UBC. Your GPA is competitive and your ECs are a nice bonus. But you should try to boost your LSAT score into the 160s for a good chance at Osgoode.
  11. General consensus is that HarvardReady is the best prep course. make sure to do their homework, self-study, and do PrepTests
  12. The NY BigLaw and Clerkship at the T25 is all above 30%, and 50% for T14 immediately out of school. If you're staying in the US, how are those odds bad? I absolutely agree that there isn't a point of going to something like Notre Dame as a Canadian, but it's pretty disingenuous to disregard the long-term financial potential of the T13, and maybe the Georgetown/UT/UCLA cluster. Especially given the number of NY firms with Toronto offices that can allow lateral transfers.
  13. UChicago (non-HYS) has a ~90% Federal Clerkship and BigLaw placement, what the fuck is with this forum and valuing insanely pessimistic anecdotes over actually published statistics?
  14. IIRC Osgoode only has 2 application categories: General and Indigenous. Potential access applicants are instructed to write a ~300 word essay on their status. Given that only 2% of Osgoode classes are First Nations or Metis, I really doubt that the general category LSAT median is 165 or higher. Even if they give a boost to potential access applicants, they again only make up 10% of the class. A 160-162 median sounds about right.
  15. The UofT website I posted above recommends talking to the Bay and Bloor branch.
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