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  1. Hello, I am currently a 4th year student at UBC with a cGPA of 3.53 and an LSAT score of 171. I've applied to U of T and to UBC, and I've been accepted into UBC while U of T still hasn't responded, though I doubt that I will be accepted. I am currently debating as to whether or not it would be worth it to apply to US law schools, as I would prefer to work in the US if possible. I'm currently looking into applying for schools ranging from University of Texas, Austin down to Boston college, so schools ranked between 15 to 30 approximately. I'm not intending on applying to T14 schools as my softs aren't impressive and my GPA is too low to be competitive and I'd rather not just toss away the money for a shot in the dark. From what I have read on this forum and others, a lot of people seem to say that as a Canadian it wouldn't be worth going to US schools at all if they aren't T14. However, people also say that if you want to practice in the US, then you should go to a school in the US. From what I've read, finding work in the US is also more difficult than in Canada, especially as a Canadian. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions as to whether it would be best to stay at UBC (I'm fine with working in Canada if work in the US isn't realistic), or would it still be good to apply to those schools ranked between 15-30 in the light that I would prefer to work in the states. Would being Canadian be too much of a hindrance in finding work after graduation? I also have the option of waiting another year to apply, which I would predict my cGPA to rise to maybe 3.6, as well as being able to apply in October, which does give me an okay shot at T14 schools, would this be the best option if I want to work in the states?
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