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  1. Rejected Today 2.35 gpa 151 lsat Mature Student
  2. "Committee Declined" LSAT: 151 cGPA: 2.35 Mature Student from Ontario
  3. On another note...what a B-E-A-Utiful day to wait... thought it was Canada Day long weekend for a minute there sitting in the front yard listening to the neighbour bumping tunes. Makes me grateful my biggest issue in the midst of all this Coronamess is in the hands of a committee and completely out of my until-today-sun-deprived-Mitts! A big thank you to all front-line health care workers. Happy Weds. Everyone!
  4. I will be 31 in September 2020. The idea of attending a Toronto Law School with the potential of not being hired by a Big Law Firm to utilize that larger salary to pay off the higher tuition and cost of living in Toronto terrifies me. I have almost paid off $90,000.00 in undergrad loans, LOC and some credit card debt accrued in my 20's and the thought of doing it all over again and then some at a lower income than I am currently making in my Sales gig is a big head Scratcher. My Father is a partner in a firm in Hamilton (retiring from the game in April) but He had previously dissuaded my Law School dreams in 2014 by telling me he paid his first year lawyers 60K at the time - far less than what I was making at that time. I guess it comes down to the individual and what their reasons are to pursue law. If it is for $ then Loans to reach that Bay Street Big Law is a big gamble but for most students a prerequisite...is the juice worth the squeeze? If it is for social justice and to make a tangible, noticeable impact for the disadvantaged then a smaller school with a lower tuition and cost of living might be just what the Doctor Ordered... Good luck y'all
  5. Waitlisted this afternoon cGPA: 2.35 LSAT: 151 Mature Student
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