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  1. So pumped for our program. I accepted the offer right away.
  2. Accepted to TRU this morning. Will be withdrawing my application as I have already committed to UVic. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Accepted at TRU this morning, will be withdrawing as I confirmed my seat with UVic!
  4. I got into UVic’s JD/JID program. I have accepted! Woot!
  5. I have applied for ILC; whether I am accepted in the program is another thing...
  6. Accepted on February 20! Love the phone call approach. Indigenous applicant. Completed undergrad and post-undergrad studies; over ten years of experience working for the feds. Looking forward to September!
  7. Status Indian from Ontario here. Just accepted into UVic! Stats are not stellar but I have a strong professional record with the Government. Super thrilled and honoured to head to law school! Look forward to meeting my fellow natives this September!
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