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  1. I didn't even think to look at the class average on my transcript... duh. Can officially confirm that the class average was a C+ (the lowest class average of any class I've taken). Thanks for the tip!
  2. Yes, but I didn't take it this term. I'm planning to take it next year and am hopeful I can get a better grade, but I know a lot of articling hiring happens before 3L even starts.
  3. Last term (first semester of 2L), I took Family Law and absolutely loved it. Went to every lecture and was always engaged, took thorough notes, did readings and made a good summary. The exam was worth 100%, and I ended up with a C+. I talked to the prof afterward who let me know C+ was the class average. She didn't pinpoint a huge issue with my exam -- just that some answers were sparse (I ran out of time). Overall, I think I was just overtired while writing and had an off day. I was pretty bummed about the grade, but I don't want to let it deter me from pursuing family law because I enjoyed it significantly more than any other course I've taken this year. But it's my worst 2L final grade so far, and it really sticks out on my transcript. Since the articling search is starting for me soon, I'm hoping to get some tips on how I can approach this with future potential employers. Would it be unwise for me to try to pursue family law? Any tips for how I can explain the grade if asked about it in an interview, without trying to sound like I'm not taking any responsibility for it? Also, if it makes a difference, I also have some family law-based work and extracurricular experience from this year and both went really well. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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